A Day in the Life of Us

I woke up this morning and took Ace on a walk and started thinking about a blog post for the day. Then it hit me and I decided to blog, “A day in the life of us” because these are my FAVORITE kind of blog posts to read on other blogs (weird but it’s neat). I also think posts like this will be fun to reread later.

Disclaimer: There is nothing super fabulous ahead and there was nothing fancy planned for today. I decided to do this, this morning!!


I woke up around 8:00 and finally made myself get up around 8:15 and I took Ace on a walk.  It totally felt like fall this morning (not sure what happened as the day went on!)


Then, I came back inside and grabbed my bible and some breakfast (very nutritional as you can tell) and did my devotion time with Harry on the porch.

Side Note: Yesterday we had a doughnut date at Krispy Kreme. (the hot and ready sign was on!!) When we got there, there was a homeless man outside so we went in and ordered a dozen doughnuts. We were going to eat a couple and give the rest to the homeless man. When we got back outside, he was nowhere to be seen. We rode around everywhere looking for him and we couldn’t find him. That made me sad. So anyway, we brought the rest home and I’ve eaten wayyy to many.


After that, I had just enough time to do some cleaning before it was time to get ready for church. Things get pretty messy around here throughout the week and its just the two of us. All clean now!


Then we got ready and headed to church at The Mill! I’m partial but this is the BEST church in Spartanburg County. Today’s sermon was about missions and it was so great. Every time I think about missions, I think of this song:  Click here to view: Send us to the Nations


We came home and whipped up some lunch and then we were lazy for a bit. We’re supposed to be lazy on Sunday’s right? Not the best picture I know, but it’s the only one we took together today.


Then, I changed clothes to support the Panthers, and watched some of the game with my sweet puppy.


Then, I noticed Harry’s socks. When he wears socks with monkeys wearing suits, then it means its time to do laundry because someone is out of clean clothes. So, laundry was the next task.


Then, it was off to the grocery store. I had to get a few things for the week and then I saw the most perfect round pumpkin and I just had to buy it! We needed one anyway!


Then, I made dinner while Harry worked out. I’m still catching onto this whole cooking thing but I must say this was pretty good. Although, normally, I like to have a variety of color on my plate, Harry said this was my best meal yet. *Apple cider pork chops with roasted sweet potato coins and french bread! Yum!


Then, it was time to sit down and make sure I had everything ready for work this week!

And that….is a day in the life of us! A very typical, uneventful, wouldn’t change a thing, kind of Sunday!

Goodnight! Monday mornings come quick!

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