Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!


I can’t believe today is New Years Eve and we are going into a new year in just a few hours! I started looking back through pictures this morning and so many memories came flooding back to me that we made over the past year. 2016 brought many smiles and some tears. This is our year in review!


Started life as a married couple ~ watched the Panthers go to the Super Bowl ~ Enjoyed a few snow days  & celebrated Ace turning THREE!


Celebrated my sisters birthday in Charlotte ~ Celebrated AnnaVee’s birthday in Greenville ~ hosted an exchange student from China, Mark!



This month was very hard for my family because we lost someone very special, Mike. Yesterday would have been his birthday and he is still very missed every day! I’m sure there was a special celebration in Heaven yesterday!


Visited the Isle of Palms for spring break ~ I got to see Chelsea!! ~ I went on my first camping trip that involved me sleeping in a tent, in the woods..


AnnaVee graduated college!! ~ my brother went to prom ~ I finished my first year of teaching!! (I wouldn’t have survived without Natalie & McKenzie) ~ Celebrated Memorial Day at Lake Lure


Ryan graduated high school ~ we went to a Charlotte Knight’s game ~ I went to the beach with two of my best friends ~ attended 1 out of 7346384 weddings that we went to this year (big year!) ~ and went to the Rascal Flatt’s concert


Went back to the Isle of Palms ~ Celebrated the 4th of July @ Barnett Park ~ Summer fun with Natalie (teachers do have a life, I swear!) ~ My best friends threw me the BEST 25th birthday a girl could ask for!


Restaurant week with mom in Charlotte ~ Train Concert with friends ~ and I started my second year of teaching and I changed grade levels to 4K and I LOVEEEEE it!!


Labor Day weekend with the girls in Charleston! Enough said!


Skytop Orchard ~ brunch with Ashley and AnnaVee ~ Storybook Character Day at School ~ lots of football games ~ Halloween weekend in Charlotte


Harry’s brother got married ~ I went to a SC game with Brittany ~ voted for a new president ~ Ethan spent a weekend with us ~ & Harry started a new job at Upstate


Big month!! We had our first tacky sweater Christmas party ~ celebrated Harry’s 25th birthday ~ went to the Cole Swindell concert ~ celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the Grove Park Inn ~ & celebrated Christmas with both of our families!!

I know these posts will be even more special to look at years from now!!

Looking back at 2016, God blessed us in so many ways. He led us in marriage, he allowed us to have many memories with Mike before calling him home, he gave us adventure, and endless memories with family and friends.

My goal in 2017 is to keep allowing God to be the light and trust in all of His ways and understanding. When we do that, he will take us places and allow us to do things that we never even dreamed possible!


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