Dating 101

My Take on Dating Advice


Before I got married, I would always strive to stand by several things when it came to my dating life to find Mr. Right!

  1. First things first, when dating someone you have to figure out those non- negotiable things. For me, the person I was dating had to be a Christian. There was no way any relationship would ever work out for me if the person I was dating was not a Christian.

God absolutely consumes every part of me: the way I think, the way I try to live my life, the way I treat others, every. single. thing. Therefore, the person I was going to be in a relationship with, had to be on the same page with me. This was going to be the foundation for any relationship I was going to be in.

  1. Always date with intention. Ask yourself, “Do I see a future with this person?” If the answer is no, then don’t allow the dating relationship to go further. I think it is setting both of you up for heartbreak and you are wasting your time.

3. Always be honest. Be honest with yourself and the person you are trying to pursue a relationship with. Always stay true to who you are. Don’t try to be someone that you think the other person wants you to be. If they are going to date you, they have to be willing to take you as the person that God made you to be.

If you are being true to who you are and you have a relationship with the Lord, you will always be confident. I remember when I met Harry, while I thought he had a million reasons to be confident; his confidence came from his relationship with Jesus. He was confident in God’s plans for his life and not his own plans.

4. Everyone wants that chemistry and romance in a relationship. While I agree, that is important, it is also a commitment.


This is one of my favorite Bible verses. There will be days in a relationship where you may feel like, I don’t like this person today, but you choose to love them anyway because you are committed to making the relationship work and you love them. Ask yourself the above, is your relationship kind? etc.

5. My last piece of advice is to pray for your spouse. I remember when I was in high school, my pastor’s wife who was a great role model in my life told me during small group one night, “start praying for your spouse now.” I took her advice to heart and I remember praying for Harry before I ever even knew he existed. I prayed for his heart and that God would be working in his life to mold him into a Godly man. Then when I met him, I knew that God heard my prayers all of these years!


God is amazing!

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