Summer is on the horizon!!!!

We are winding this school year down!

Brewer’s last day of the “school year” is TODAY! And my last day is coming up so soon!


Every year, I recap the school year here on the blog! Harry & I both work in education and we have a toddler in a part time, church program! I want to treasure all of these school year memories for all of us! It’s so, soooo special to me!

I am wrapping up my 8th year of teaching! I taught for 6 years in brick & mortar and this is my second full year teaching virtual! I love my job!

This year, I felt like I really grew confident in teaching virtual and all that entails! I worked with amazing students who learned how to read this year. I worked with amazing families, coworkers, and the best team ever! Even in virtual world, I feel very much so a part of a team. We chat all day long, do video calls occasionally, and we see each other at outings/ events! I couldn’t ask for a more supportive team to be a part of!

Harry has been in education for 8 years as well! He worked at a local middle school, then USC Upstate where we both graduated, and he has now been the associate director of admissions at Spartanburg Methodist College for 5 years. We also both graduated from SMC!

So education world is very special to our family! It’s not just the academics, it’s the fun, the students, the “making a difference”, the memories, the traditions, and the magic that surrounds the school year!

Let’s take a look at Brewer’s year in the, one year room, at the most precious, weekday church program, that he attended part time:

Day 1!

All smiles!

Brewer is always ALL smiles when entering daycare! He loves every minute of it!

He had such a great year in the one year room!

Look at my sweet baby!

He always talks about “the park” at daycare! He’s obsessed!

He did all sorts of fun crafts this year!

That smile! ❤

Noah’s’ Ark Day was so sweet and special!

These kiddos take their holidays serious!

We are so thankful for his teachers/ directors who planned such fun things for him and his friends this year!

Mrs. Andi is one in a million!! Brewer wakes up talking about Mrs. Andi and goes to bed talking about Mrs. Andi!! We are so thankful for her and the sweet helpers in the one year room, this year!

Mama friends, if you need a sweet idea for your kiddos… I’ve had numerous students over the years bring me this book to sign! I started the same tradition with Brewer, last year! I’m having all of his teacher sign it each year and I’ll give it to Brewer when he graduates! 🙂

Last day of daycare for the 2022-2023 school year!

It’s been the sweetest year!

Every year, we do a special dinner of some sort to celebrate the end of school year! This year, we brought out the pool on Monday night and fired up the grill to celebrate another great year!


We are officially ready for summer!

Just like last summer, I’ve made a schedule for us! The only thing different from last summer is I’ve added in “learning” along with play in the morning. The early childhood teacher in me wants to do some fun learning things through play this summer!

And also, just like last summer, I’m making a sunshine web of things we hope to do this summer! It still needs to be filled in of course but I do this so that, we end the summer with memories and not goals!

I’m type A! I like to be organized and write it all down! lol! It’s how my brain works!


And that wraps up our school year!

Thank you Lord for your blessings on us!

We are off to the beach tomorrow for Memorial weekend! This is my only blog post this week! 🙂

If you need any last minute holiday ideas, check out last year’s blog post with recipes, attire, a craft for littles, and more:

Red White Blue

*I will be back on the blog next Thursday!*

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