Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Friday!!! AND…

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, I’m writing a blog post about, what being a mommy means to me!

I’ve dreamed of being a mommy my entire life!

I was always the girl carrying around baby dolls when I was little and dreaming of the day I would have a real life baby to take care of!

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.” -Isaiah 66:13

God calls mother’s, comforters, in the Bible. That is something I longed to do my entire life… comfort, take care of, and love my own baby!

Every day, I’m so grateful for the honor I have, to do just that.. to be a mom and take care of a tiny human, God’s most precious gift to me!

Motherhood has big responsibilities and I’m so grateful that the Lord trusted me with such an honor!

As mom’s we have to teach our children, just as the Bible says,…. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

It is an honor to teach Brewer every day about Jesus and all of life’s most precious things! I love when Brewer reaches for our hands to pray and seeing his face light up when he learns something new for the first time!

I have loved every second of “Baby’s Firsts” over here! Such as, first hair cut, first steps, first words, first time in new places, and so many more first time memories that I will treasure forever!

Motherhood is such a gift to be treasured, especially all of the little moments that life is all about!

I will always treasure the little things, like… staring at the beach with my baby, eating a snow cone, chasing him around the backyard, singing baby shark over & over, making his breakfast, rocking on the front porch, reading to him at night, and the MILLION other little things! Those moments are your life and they are special & should be savored!

Motherhood is also about being there during hard times… boo boos that need bandaids and more, tears that need to be wiped, extra lovings when our littles are sad, and SO much more!

Motherhood is filled with SO many memories, big & small!

I always want Brewer to grow up and know that Mommy was present, she didn’t miss anything, and he is loved beyond measure!

Motherhood is also about giving yourself lots & lots of grace! Always remember that the Lord chose YOU to be your kids Mommy because you are the BEST mommy for YOUR kids!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of motherhood!

Mommy is my favorite title in the entire world!


That was my little sentiment for Mother’s Day weekend! Maybe one day Brewer will read it and always know just how grateful I am that the Lord chose me to be his mommy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there today! Your role is very special and you are appreciated!

*I will be back on the blog, next Thursday!*

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