What I’ve been Priming Lately?!

Hello, Hello!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

It’s been a while since I did a blog post on all of the things I’ve been priming lately! Today, I am going through my recent orders on Amazon to share some things I’ve been loving!

What was life before Amazon?

But seriously!!

Okay, here we go:

I’ve had this little garden flag for years! Ours was looking pretty faded so I ordered a brand new one!

Monogram Garden Flag

Brewer was in need of new pajamas so I recently ordered this 3 pack on Amazon! We are loving the onesie pajamas with the feet out these days!


Harry recently ordered a new phone case! He loves this one! It’s simple yet provides plenty of protection. Our phones get dropped quite often with a baby around lol! This case is super durable!

IPhone 11 Case

This is the sweet little shirt that Brewer wore for Valentines Day last week!! It is so soft! And what Mama doesn’t want their little boy to wear this! Lol it’s so sweet!!

Love my Mama Tee

We needed a way to organize Brewer’s toys that have lots of little pieces. This shelf with bins has been perfect for things like magnet tiles, puzzles, crayons/ coloring books, etc!

Shelf/ Bins

I have been drinking lots of electrolytes lately to help me stay hydrated! It’s just a natural way to give your body energy. They do not have caffeine, just minerals that our bodies need each day to produce natural energy! I was drawn to these packets because the ingredients are minimal, super clean, and nothing toxic! I love the taste too!

Electrolyte Packets

I ordered this fun set of thank you cards to use for Brewer’s birthday! It matched the colorful Toy Story theme of his party but they’re also generic enough to use for other thank you purposes too!

Thank You Cards


What are some things that you’ve been priming lately?! Is there something else I should be adding to cart? Lol, if so, let me know in the comments below!


This is my only blog post this week! I skipped over This & That Thursday and Fab Friday this month!

*Catch me back here next Thursday, March 2nd and I’ll be back to my 2X a week blog schedule!*

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