Hair Care Routine!

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I hope everyone is having a great week!

It has been a bit since I did a hair care routine here on the blog so today, I am sharing step by step my current hair care routine!

This has been my hair care routine for quite some time! I love everything I use so, so much!!

I get the question from time to time, “what is your natural hair color?”

I have been blonde my entire life! When I reached my high school years, my hair started turning darker and I began high lighting my hair. My natural color today is probably a dark sandy blonde. I get highlights every 3ish months!

I only wash my hair once or twice a week! This has been a game changer for me! I know that is what helps keeps my hair healthy- less washing which means less overall products!

This shampoo/ conditioner duo is my go to!! Safe ingredients + leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny!

R+Co TV Perfect Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s also important to have a good detox shampoo to use at least once a month, a shampoo that will really help cleanse the scalp to remove product build up. I love using basic head and shoulders shampoo as a detox!

Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Also, every few hair washes, I include this hair mask prior to washing and conditioning! This one is great for blondes! It helps maintain color + it’s a great bonding system for your hair! I can always tell my hair feels “richer” after using this!

Blondes Rich Mask

After Wash Care:

There are a few things I use after washing my hair! This! This is the one product I swear by and will not go one hair wash without using. It detangles, adds keratin (protein) back into my hair, protects against best, serves as a leave in conditioner, and so much more! It’s called, it’s a 10 for a reason, lol! It does 10 great things for your hair! It. Is. Amazing.

Miracle Leave In

I came across this product several years ago! I incorporate it into my skin care routine and my hair care routine! It has so many hydrating, natural ingredients that are great and also make me feel better going longer periods between hair washes! Super hydrating!

Another, it’s a 10 product. This product smoothes and removes all frizz! It makes it amazing for styling and I’m worry free when the weather is calling for rain. I know this product is going to tame all the frizz! It really is a miracle potion!

Miracle Leave In Potion

One more final step after washing my hair.. Moroccan oil! It’s so nourishing and makes my hair feel soft. It helps keep your hair from drying out by adding some moisture. I just love it!

After I blow dry my hair & style:

I have 2 go to hair sprays! This one by Oribe is super light weight. It doesn’t even feel like hair spray. Yet still provides good hold! It’s amazing!!

Oribe Hairspray

Aquage is another favorite! It provides a little more hold so I don’t need as much but still does not give that hair spray look, which I love!! No one wants to see sticky hair spray!

Aquage Hairspray


And that is my hair care routine!

Those are my go to products!!

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*I’ll be back on the blog, tomorrow!*

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