This & That Thursday

Happy Friday Eve!!

I am so ready for the weekend! There’s lots to look forward to this weekend! More on that in just a bit!

Today, I am sharing a bit of This & That from the list below:

It’s my same line- up but the image got a face lift! Lol it was time to change it up a bit!

Here we go…

This Week: I started the week with fall break! I had a mommy/ baby day with my Brew Brew on Monday before taking a drive as a family to see the leaves changing colors. On Tuesday, a 24 hour virus hit me out of nowhere. It was really rough but short lived. I’m back on my feet now. Thank goodness!

Looking Forward to: I have some fun girl things to look forward to with family and friends this weekend that I’m super excited about! Keep reading! 🙂

Currently Dreading: This meme made me LOL! My house isn’t necessarily “dirty” but I do have some picking up to do before the busy weekend. Being sick for a day really throws everything off a bit!

Reminiscing On: Look at this cutie!! Brewer’s sweet little class has been learning about community helpers this week and yesterday he got to see a real fire truck & firefighters. I know he was just completely beside himself! His teacher said he danced when the flashing lights came on. Lol! He LOVES trucks! When he sees a truck, he will repeatedly say, “truck, truck, truck.” It’s so sweet! His fire truck toy at home is one of his favorite toys too!

Reading/ Watching: I started reading this book a couple weeks ago and it’s so great! If you want a light easy read that has humor, you should totally read this too!

Shop, here: Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

I’m also watching all of the fun Halloween movies over here: Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus, Mickey Mouse Halloween with Brewer, ya know.. all the festive things!

Listening to: This album. On repeat. All day. Everyday this week. Denim and Rhinestones by Carrie Underwood!

What’s on the Menu: Haha. Well… sick days call for chicken noodle soup and saltines only! Nothing exciting on the menu over here the past few days!

I’m Loving: I love a good pair of mules, especially this time of year! Any shoe that is cute that I can just slide on, are my favorites! I love the woven pattern on this cute pair!

Shop, here: Mules

Weekend Vibes: I’m super pumped for the weekend!! Exciting things happening…

We are kicking off baby shower season for my sister and baby girl this weekend!!! The countdown is on for my sweet niece to join the fam!

AND!!!! The Denim & Rhinestones tour kicks off in Greenville this weekend! I am SOOO excited!! Ahh! This will be my third time seeing Carrie Underwood in concert and she never disappoints! I can’t wait for a night out with the girls!

Bible Verse: I shared this verse last week in my “daily scripture encouragement” post! It’s one that I like to keep tucked away to refer back to often!

See more, here: Motivation Monday: Daily Scripture Encouragement


I hope you all have the best weekend!

I’ll be back here next Tuesday! 🙂

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