Motivation Monday: Daily Scripture Encouragement

It’s the first Monday in October.. ahh!

This month just makes me happy!

We celebrated October 1st with a new fall, family, favorite tradition!

Jeter Mountain Farm!

It felt so magical here! The orchard, the music, the tractor ride, the play area, the shed, the food… I mean, it was all so wonderful!

I could probably do an entire blog post on how much fun we had here! We loved every minute of it and we will definitely be back!


Okay, today’s Motivation post, I am sharing a few Bible quotes that really inspire me!

I keep these in the notes section on my phone to have close by as daily reminders!

They are powerful..

Have you ever pondered why God says, “do not lean on your own understanding.” This really hit me! God sees the big picture that we do not see. Our hearts can be deceitful. Our emotions can get the best of us. This is such an important reminder to truly lean on God’s understanding and not our own.

This is another good one! I’ve encountered multiple “tests” in life that have left me with a choice. A choice to give up, drown in pity, etc OR choose to let it strengthen me, build endurance, etc. It’s so important to let tests in life grow us and not get the best of us. This is possible when we lean on the Lord!

So simple yet so good! This verse is one of my favorites! Joy is possible each and every day when we have the Lord on our side. No matter what you are going through, take it to the feet of Jesus and you will find peace & joy, knowing it is in His hands!

My life verse! This is my very favorite! “Perhaps you were created for such a time as this..” that’s good! If you are allowing the Lord to guide your steps, then you can have peace knowing that God created you for those moments in front of us. He knows every situation & opportunity before we do! It’s good to remind ourselves that God has equipped us for whatever lies ahead!


Okay, those are 4 important pieces of scripture that I have bookmarked and are in my notes section!

I hope you found motivation and encouragement in those as well!

*See y’all back here, tomorrow!*

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