Tell All Tuesday: A Sneak Peek inside our Pantry

Hey Friends!!

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a pretty busy week over here! I am traveling for work this week so I am up and out the door before the sun rises!

It’s a nice change of scenery to drive and see coworkers & students in person! I also think it’s so therapeutic to drive while jamming to worship music or listening to a good podcast!

I will be ready for our extended weekend for fall break by the end of week!

Speaking of fall… I am giving y’all a sneak peek of my pantry today + sharing a cozy fall recipe that we have been loving lately!

Cozy foods just speak to me this time of year!

Welcome to my pantry…

It’s the door to the right in our kitchen!

As you can tell, I have everything labeled inside the pantry! Nothing fancy, just some clear bins & sticker labels. I thrive when things are organized. If you’re a routine blog reader, you know that about me by now LOL!

All of my bins came from Target!

Shop, here: Storage Baskets

I decided a couple years ago that our pantry needed organization! This has worked really well for us. You can see all the ways in which I broke down my groups/ baskets!

I bought these drawers to give us more storage space at the bottom of pantry! Give me all the storage space, please!

Shop, here: 3 Drawer Storage

We have an added rack on the inside door of the pantry for all the small things like spices! The previous owners of our home added this and I thought it was brilliant!


Okay, that completes the pantry tour! Nothing super unique but a few alterations and it has things feeling neat & organized!

Okay.. now to a good fall recipe!

Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta with Sausage and Spinach

Doesn’t this look so yummy!!

I love meals with color and this just looks like a pan full of fall!

I love the autumn colors in this dish and it’s just as tasty as it looks!

This recipe was a Pinterest find! I’m linking the recipe, below:

Fall Recipe

*Y’all have a great week! I will be back on the blog next Wednesday!*

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