Motivation Monday: Stillness

Hey Friends!!

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend?!

We had a busy but very fun weekend!

Friday, Brewer & I went to the park!

Summer Lovin’

We continued our end of school year tradition on Friday night by having a special dinner to reflect on the school year! It was a successful year for our family, full of growth & change!

Saturday morning, we went back to Holston Creek Park to walk the trails!

Saturday evening, we had a graduation party for my step brother Austin! Clover High, class of ‘22!

Sunday morning, we went to church and Brewer wore his DaDa’s old baby outfit!

We had a birthday party for Tucker, Sunday afternoon!

We ended the weekend with a trip to Pelicans!

And a Sunday evening swim!


Today’s Motivation Monday post comes right from my current devotional book that I’m walking through!

Shop, here: Be Still

The devotion from the book that I want to share today, is titled, “Increased Demand Requires Stillness.”

This one really resonates with me.

I took so many notes in my journal after reading this one!

How often do we get so busy that it’s like, “I can read my Bible later, I’ll just do a quick devotion but not really study the word, or I’m in too big of a hurry to pray today.”

Often times, I tend to think deep Bible studying can wait when I’ve got big events happening that day.

God says the opposite though. We need Him the most when big things are happening in life.

This story gives the perfect example of Jesus and how when the demands of his ministry grew, he needed to return to solitude and spend time with God.

There is something so powerful about being still and giving the Lord our time! It’s so important that when life gets busy, that God still gets the most out of us. That’s really when we need God the most too!

I hope this resonated with you today like it did for me!

**I’ll be back on the blog, tomorrow!**

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