This & That Thursday

Hiiii Friends!

I hope y’all are having a great week! I am on spring break this week and I have been soaking up all the 1 on 1 time with Brewer!

It’s been amazing!

Today is, “This & That Thursday” on the blog. I am sharing a little bit of this and a little bit of that from my list below!

So let’s get started on all the things that have been happening over here:

This Week: SPRING BREAK!! We have done different things everyday this week! We have tried to be outside a lot because the weather has been so nice + Brewer & I love the outdoors! This photo was us on Monday at Falls Park in Greenville. Harry actually had the day off as well so we had a fun, family day!

Looking Forward to: Spring break has me SO excited and ready for all things summer!! Woohoo! Brewer is walking now and very into his surroundings these days! Summer is going to be so fun with him! I can’t wait!!

Currently Dreading: I have been spring cleaning this week! I don’t mind that part. I love doing a deep clean, purging, and getting rid of things. Now, I have a big pile of things staring at me to get rid of. I’m dreading figuring out how to handle that LOL. Can someone just make it all disappear for me?

Reminiscing On: Easter is coming up and I’m so excited!! This will be Brewer’s second Easter which reminds me of his first Easter! Look at my sweet 3 month old on his very first Easter!

Watching/ Reading: Y’all know I have always loved the Bachelor. That is my mindless tv show that I watch to unwind on Monday nights. I took a break from it the past 4 seasons because it sorta became silly to me. Idk! Well anyway, I started watching this season with Clayton and I got hooked again! It was a good season and I felt like the show had found it’s roots again. It didn’t seem so silly and scripted. Anyone else?!

I need a new book for my kindle! I was reading, “His needs, Her needs” because our small group walked through that book together at church! It was really good! I need a good spring book now! Any recommendations?!

Listening to: This week, as I’ve been out and about running errands with Brewer, I’ve been listening to my favorite Christian artists! This is what my Apple Music currently looks like! Worship music refreshes my soul in so many ways!

What’s on the Menu: Hi, we’re the Cochrans and we love Mexican food! Lol seriously though, we have had Mexican food 3 times since I’ve been on spring break! I think if I lived on a deserted island and could only have one food the rest of my life, this would be it!

I’m Loving: Okay, let’s talk about this magic in a bottle I recently discovered! Ive been using retinol for several years now (minus the year I was pregnant) but I just chose the cheapest one I could find. In reality, I don’t know that what I was using previously helped very much. Recently, I was in Ulta and I was given a sample packet of this, Strivectin serum. I LOVE that it gives you vitamin C and retinol in one. The sample packet lasted me about a week and I loved it!! I really did notice a difference in my skin. My face felt smoother, softer, and my skin appearance looked overall better, firmer and brighter! I went back and purchased this serum!

Shop, here: Strivectin Vitamin C & Retinol Serum

Weekend Vibes: I will be hanging out with my little family and getting our yard ready for spring! Bring on trips to Lowe’s, plants, and flowers!

Bible Verse: “There is a time to speak and a time to keep silent.” Ecclesiastes 3:7

I read this verse recently and it stuck with me! It’s just such an important reminder that sometimes we need to speak and other times we need to be silent, listen, observe, and act. If you’re in a situation and you’re not sure which one you are being called to do- pray about it! Always seek God before you speak!


I hope y’all have a great Thursday! I’ll be back here tomorrow for a Fab Friday post!

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