Fab Friday

Hiiii Friends!!

Happy Friday! Today, I am back on the blog for March’s edition of Fab Friday!

I love sharing 5 random things that I currently find so fabulous with all of you!

Let’s get to it:

1. Strivectin Vitamin C & Retinol Serum– I mentioned this magic in a bottle on yesterday’s post as well! I recently switched my retinol serum to this brand and I LOVE it! I was given a free sample packet to try for a week before I purchased. In that week alone, I could tell a difference in the appearance of my skin and it’s texture! I also love that it has Vitamin C + Retinol all in one!

Shop, here: Vitamin C + Retinol Serum

2. Strivectin Gel Eye Cream– Speaking of StriVectin, I am also loving their eye cream! I recently made a switch to this eye cream after trying a sample packet for about a week. It’a gel + cream based eye cream. It feels like a cool drink of water under your eyes. It makes me feel awake and refreshed. The anti aging benefits are amazing and once again, I could tell a difference after just one week!! I’ve been using it morning & night!

Shop, here: Gel + Cream Eye Cream

3. Tanceuticals– I often get asked, what self tanner do you use! I’ve used several different things over the years and this is my favorite. I feel like I can rub the lotion in easier than foams or anything else, to get an even tan! I love the color this gives, I do not mind the smell, and it lasts me about a week! This brand recently released an, “extreme dark.” It’s dark but not too dark! It gives you a weeks vacation glow in one session!

Shop, here: Tanceuticals Self Tanner

4. Baby/ Toddler Sandals– Look how cute these are!! Speaking of all things spring & summer, Brewer is already wearing these on repeat! They velcro so they’re easy to put on, super comfy, and they go with everything! They come in a variety of colors for boys & girls!

Shop, here: Sandals

5. Green Knit Baby Bubble– Brewer wore this cute little bubble outfit on St. Patrick’s Day with tall white socks & his little white high top shoes! So adorable!! This little bubble is going to be a spring staple in his closet! I just love little bubble outfits on babies when they’re little! Ah, my heart!

Shop, here: Light Green Baby Bubble


Okay, those are 5 things that I’m currently loving! 3 beauty things for us mamas and 2 for baby!!

I hope y’all have the best weekend! See y’all back here next week!

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