Tell All Tuesday: Working from Home

Hey Friends!!

Happy Tuesday!!

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year!! I repeat my “days of the week” posts, once a month:

Motivation Monday

Tell All Tuesday

What I Wore Wednesday

This & That Thursday

Fab Friday

Today is my first, “Tell all Tuesday” of 2022! For these specific posts, I take a random, fun topic and talk about it!

Today’s post is all about working from home!

I began working from home this past August when we began a new school year! Now that we are half way through the school year and I’ve found a groove, I wanted to blog about my best tips for working from home!

These are the things that work best for me:

1. Have a good morning routine- Accomplish some of your favorite morning tasks prior to starting work: quiet time, work out, make breakfast, etc! It gets your day started on a positive and you can better focus on your work for the day!

2. Get ready- I’m way more productive when I wake- up and take the time to get myself ready for the day! I have plenty of days where I’ll wear leggings & a top with no make- up BUT, I make sure to change out of my pajamas and get ready!

3. Work environment- Setting up an office space at home was key for me in order to be productive! I have a designated work space with all of my work materials organized. I blogged about my office space not too long ago!

Check it out, here:

My Office & Organization

4. Stay Active- Working from home, means I’m not walking from point A to point B the entire day. I want to make sure I’m moving though and not just sitting. During breaks, I take the dogs for a walk, go in the backyard and throw the ball with the dogs, etc. Getting steps in while working from home is important! You feel better when you’re active!

5. Leave work at work- Working from home can easily turn into working at all times of the day. Your work is there so it’s easy to walk up on, sit down, and continue working at any time. Be good about having a schedule for work hours! When I close my work computer, I am done for the day and my office turns back into a guest room/ blog room/ etc!

Okay! Now, it’s your turn! Please tell me your best tips if you work from home!!

Due to Covid, many of us have worked from home at some point! Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section!

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