Tell All Tuesday: Packing for Vacation

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I love, “Tell All Tuesday” blog posts! I basically take a random topic and chat my thoughts, ideas, etc.


This time of year, everyone is planning their summer vacations. When I start thinking about vacation, in my head I immediately start thinking about what I’m going to wear, my accessories, and all the things I need to pack. However, when it comes to ACUTALLY packing… this is me:

Anyone else?! I mean, as long as I know what I’m going to pack, it’s okay… right?

We will be taking a vaca later this summer & things will look a bit different for us because we have a baby this year!! We’re going to need all the baby items this year, therefore, I am doing some prepping ahead of time!


Today, I’m going to break down how I normally pack my things for vacation + my ideas for a baby! In the comment section, please tell me what I’m missing!! I’m going to need lots of advice for traveling with a baby!


My suitcase looks something like this when traveling for a week vacation:

-7 bathing suits! One for each day!

-At least 3 bathing suit cover- ups!

-8 or so dinner/ evening outfits! I typically style my outfits together prior to going on vacation (in my head anyway) so I know which shoes I want to wear with what outfit or which top I’ll wear with what skirt, etc. I always have an extra outfit on hand because I like to have options! (I only pack 3 or 4 pairs of shoes)

-A couple of lounge clothes items if we’re just hanging out or running to a store!

-7 pairs of pajamas: Some real pajama sets and some of Harry’s t- shirts (what I typically sleep in at home- lol)

-Accessories: hats, jewelry, 1 purse! I already have an idea in my head which accessories will be worn with what outfit. I typically only take 1 purse or a small hand bag for vacation.

-Toiletries: make- up, hair dryer, curling iron, hair products, skincare products, etc.

-2 or 3 beach towels for the week!

-Phone charger

-Devotion Book

-Book for the beach

-Beach Chair


That just about covers my list! Now let’s talk about what I’m packing for Brewer:

-PLENTY of clothes including: beachwear, daywear, dinner outfits, and sleeper outfits

-Sleep sacks


-Diapers/ wipes

-Bibs/ Bottles/ Formula

-Small portable, low to the ground, swing

-Beach Towels


-Swim diapers

-Beach toys

-Dock a Tot

-Baby toiletries: lotion, body wash, etc.

Okay, let me stop there & talk about a few things I’m considering taking:

This blow- up baby bath tub! Of course, we can’t take Brewer’s real baby bathtub so this seems like a great alternative! I’m thinking about purchasing 2. One for giving Brewer a bath and one for him to use on the beach to cool him off! Find it here:

Blow Up Baby Bathtub

A beach wagon with a baby sounds wonderful! Babies need a lot of extra stuff! Having an easy way to transport everything down to the beach is key!

Shop this one, here: Beach Wagon

We are also considering this tent! A friend told us about it and it has awesome reviews. It could be used on the beach and indoors as a little playpen. Check it out below:

Pop N Go Playpen

Okay, let me know your thoughts on the things I’m considering! The tent & wagon would be a splurge, so we’re still doing some research on what we think would be best, what would be used for the years to come, etc!


Woah.. a baby needs a lot of stuff for vacation!! Now let’s talk about the pup pups, Ace & Nash! Yes, they travel with us most of the time! 🙂

-2 dog beds, 2 dog blankets

-Bag of dog food

-Box of dog treats

-2 food bowls, 1 water bowl

-Dog leashes

-Doggie bags for using the bathroom


-Dog shampoo (they typically get baths before we come back home!)


Now, that leaves Harry… He typically throws stuff in a bag the morning of & he’s good to go! I would say his packing list looks somewhat like mine just without all the the girly cosmetic stuff…


-Swim trunks





-Beach Chair

That’s about it for Harry!!! lolllllll


That just about sums up all of our lists! I will have a large bag for our beach items. We typically go to a store once we get to our destination to grab food for breakfast & lunch, wine/ beer, and snacks! We typically make our own breakfast & lunch (maybe eat out once for those) and go out for dinner each night (maybe cook 1 night).

Okay y’all…. WHAT AM I FORGETTING? What else do I need while traveling with a baby?!

At this point I feel like a crazy over packer BUT that’s always kinda been me lol sooooo, it probably won’t stop now!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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