Tell All Tuesday: Packing for Vacation

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

I love, “Tell All Tuesday” blog posts! I basically take a random topic and chat my thoughts, ideas, etc.


This time of year, everyone is planning their summer vacations. When I start thinking about vacation, in my head I immediately start thinking about what I’m going to wear, my accessories, and all the things I need to pack. However, when it comes to ACUTALLY packing… this is me:

Anyone else?! I mean, as long as I know what I’m going to pack, it’s okay… right?

We will be taking a vaca later this summer & things will look a bit different for us because we have a baby this year!! We’re going to need all the baby items this year, therefore, I am doing some prepping ahead of time!


Today, I’m going to break down how I normally pack my things for vacation + my ideas for a baby! In the comment section, please tell me what I’m missing!! I’m going to need lots of advice for traveling with a baby!


My suitcase looks something like this when traveling for a week vacation:

-7 bathing suits! One for each day!

-At least 3 bathing suit cover- ups!

-8 or so dinner/ evening outfits! I typically style my outfits together prior to going on vacation (in my head anyway) so I know which shoes I want to wear with what outfit or which top I’ll wear with what skirt, etc. I always have an extra outfit on hand because I like to have options! (I only pack 3 or 4 pairs of shoes)

-A couple of lounge clothes items if we’re just hanging out or running to a store!

-7 pairs of pajamas: Some real pajama sets and some of Harry’s t- shirts (what I typically sleep in at home- lol)

-Accessories: hats, jewelry, 1 purse! I already have an idea in my head which accessories will be worn with what outfit. I typically only take 1 purse or a small hand bag for vacation.

-Toiletries: make- up, hair dryer, curling iron, hair products, skincare products, etc.

-2 or 3 beach towels for the week!

-Phone charger

-Devotion Book

-Book for the beach

-Beach Chair


That just about covers my list! Now let’s talk about what I’m packing for Brewer:

-PLENTY of clothes including: beachwear, daywear, dinner outfits, and sleeper outfits

-Sleep sacks


-Diapers/ wipes

-Bibs/ Bottles/ Formula

-Small portable, low to the ground, swing

-Beach Towels


-Swim diapers

-Beach toys

-Dock a Tot

-Baby toiletries: lotion, body wash, etc.

Okay, let me stop there & talk about a few things I’m considering taking:

This blow- up baby bath tub! Of course, we can’t take Brewer’s real baby bathtub so this seems like a great alternative! I’m thinking about purchasing 2. One for giving Brewer a bath and one for him to use on the beach to cool him off! Find it here:

Blow Up Baby Bathtub

I love the idea of this beach wagon! It can be pushed or pulled. So I’m thinking we can pull stuff in the wagon to go to the beach, push the wagon when taking Brewer for a walk, and it also has an attachment to place the car seat on top. So, we wouldn’t have to take Brewer’s stroller. It seems like an all inclusive product. Check it out below:

Baby Beach Wagon

We are also considering this tent! A friend told us about it and it has awesome reviews. It could be used on the beach and indoors as a little playpen. Check it out below:

Pop N Go Playpen

Okay, let me know your thoughts on the things I’m considering! The tent & wagon would be a splurge, so we’re still doing some research on what we think would be best, what would be used for the years to come, etc!


Woah.. a baby needs a lot of stuff for vacation!! Now let’s talk about the pup pups, Ace & Nash! Yes, they travel with us most of the time! šŸ™‚

-2 dog beds, 2 dog blankets

-Bag of dog food

-Box of dog treats

-2 food bowls, 1 water bowl

-Dog leashes

-Doggie bags for using the bathroom


-Dog shampoo (they typically get baths before we come back home!)


Now, that leaves Harry… He typically throws stuff in a bag the morning of & he’s good to go! I would say his packing list looks somewhat like mine just without all the the girly cosmetic stuff…


-Swim trunks





-Beach Chair

That’s about it for Harry!!! lolllllll


That just about sums up all of our lists! I will have a large bag for our beach items. We typically go to a store once we get to our destination to grab food for breakfast & lunch, wine/ beer, and snacks! We typically make our own breakfast & lunch (maybe eat out once for those) and go out for dinner each night (maybe cook 1 night).

Okay y’all…. WHAT AM I FORGETTING? What else do I need while traveling with a baby?!

At this point I feel like a crazy over packer BUT that’s always kinda been me lol sooooo, it probably won’t stop now!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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