Mom Life

Today, I’m talking about my favorite topic in the whole, wide world- MOM LIFE!

Being a mom has quickly become my new favorite title!

Today, I am sharing my journey thus far as a mom and what my experience has been like having a sweet newborn around the house!

I’ve been introduced to a new level of love! I just love this sweet little baby more than I could ever say.

It is such an honor to take care of Brewer and be his mommy.


To share my experience as a mom thus far, I’m going to answer some mom questions that I have thought of OR that people frequently ask!

Let’s get started

1. What was it like having a winter baby?

Brewer was born in January which I LOVE! I was so giddy to start a brand new year with my sweet baby and experience all the seasons & holidays in order with him!

Another reason I love having a winter baby is because we were able to stay inside and snuggle during those newborn months. What better season to experience that than during the cozy, winter!

Pssst… one more thing, it took a while for me to heal after giving birth. I wanted to be at home a lot with my newborn. What better months for that, than winter!

I blogged all about Brewer’s sweet arrival, here: Brewer’s Birth Story

2. Do you take Brewer a lot of places with you?

Bundling up and going on walks has been a favorite from the beginning! I think Brewer really enjoys the outdoors and so does mommy!!

Now, it’s turning warm weather & Brewer is a few months old. We are loving going places to do all the fun things!

Brewer has quickly become our best little buddy who goes everywhere with us! This is Brewer & I in Target. I love having my sweet boy to run errands with me.

3. Does someone babysit Brewer?

Brewer goes to a church daycare while Harry & I work. We are so blessed with his daycare! We were on their waiting list wayyy before we ever got pregnant (nearly 2 years total) because we knew this would be our top choice. God opened a spot for Brewer at this special place about 3 weeks before I returned to work! Talk about a blessing! I could go on & on about how those sweet ladies love on my baby while we’re at work!!

Other than Brewer staying at daycare while we work, he has stayed with my mom or Harry’s mom a couple of times for a few hours if we’ve had some quick errands to run or somewhere to be.

Brewer stayed with my mom for the first time over night last weekend. We had back to back wedding events so my mom kept him for the weekend! It was definitely weird for us. We’ve never had a date night since Brewer was born because he always goes everywhere with us. We couldn’t imagine it any other way. He had fun with his Nana though, he loves her!!

We love having our little buddy with us! He goes just about everywhere with us!

4. How was your return to work?

I’ve talked about this before but returning to work was emotionally difficult for me. It was hard leaving my sweet baby. Once we got over the hump of settling into a new routine, everything was good! We love his sweet caretakers & I’m thankful for a job that allows so much time with family!

5. What does your daily routine look like with Brewer?

Harry & I tag team everything! It looks a little like this on a weekday when we are working….

-I wake up, get completely ready, then wake Brewer up if he’s not already awake to feed him his first bottle! I leave the house around 6:50.

-Harry leaves the house around 7:30 and takes Brewer to daycare & heads to work.

-I leave work & pick Brewer up at daycare by 3:30.

-We come home & play, play, play. Harry is home by 5:30. We go on walks with Brewer, hang out outside, etc.

-Brewer gets a bath every few nights. He gets 7 bottles a day. He gets about 8-10 diaper changes a day, & approximately 2 or 3 outfit changes.

-I usually give him his last bottle & start rocking him to sleep around 9 pm.

-Harry or I will make his bottles at night for the next day!

Brewer has been sleeping through the night since he was 2.5 months old. He sleeps 9 or 10 hours straight. Once he figured out his AM & PM, he became a great sleeper! All babies are for sure different. I think it helps us making sure that he gets all of his calories & bottle oz. in during the day. That way, he’s not waking up in the middle of the night hungry. Our pediatrician told us to make sure he gets those oz. in before bedtime & if he wakes up in the middle of the night fussy, try other methods to get him to go back to sleep instead of feeding him again. I mean hey, if I thought I was getting a snack in the middle of the night, I would wake- up too! lol

Our weekend & summer routine looks different! Brewer sleeps in a bit longer, we’re home a lot more, etc.


We have never followed a super strict routine with him. I’m not a mom who reads all the books & takes all the baby classes! I know a lot of people who do though & it has worked well for them, which is awesome!!

We always strive to make sure he’s happy & comfortable. We make sure he gets his oz. in bottles during the day time and get’s plenty of rest!

Routines are important and Brewer is definitely use to our little routine but he’s very go with the flow if something different is thrown into the mix. We take him just about everywhere we go, he has spent the night with us at my sister’s house, he will take a nap just about anywhere we are! He’s pretty chill!

6. What has been the hardest thing about being a mom?

I have loved everything about being a mom. I love the responsibilities of taking care of my baby each day. I love this new purpose that being a mom has given me.

I have not dealt with any sort of postpartum depression. I know this can be a very real thing for some women. I’m thankful that I have not experienced this.

When I think of what has been hard though, mom guilt comes to mind. Especially in the beginning, I would question everything I did because I wanted to make the best decisions for my baby. Some things would give me mom guilt.

I’ve learned to let that go and remind myself that God chose me to be Brewer’s momma because he knew that I would be the best mom for him. Just like YOU are the best mom for your kiddos (if you have babies of your own!)

7. What is your favorite thing to do with Brewer?

I love praying over Brewer, reading Bible stories to him, and trying to show him God’s love- even at an early age.

I also love to sit in the floor and play with Brewer. He smiles and laughs so much these days. He is amused by his musical toys, light- up toys, and holding things. I love watching him smile & laugh!

I try to be intentional with my time with Brewer. I remind myself daily that other chores can wait but I want to make each day count with Brewer!

8. What are some baby items you have found helpful?

You need plenty of things to entertain a baby! These are some of our favorites.

This Carseat

This Stroller

I love this duo because the carseat fits into the stroller. Brewer can ride in the stroller 2 ways, He can be in the carseat, which is convenient when moving him from the car to the stroller if he’s sleeping. I don’t have to disturb him. The carseat also faces me when he’s sitting in it, while in the stroller. OR he can ride in the stroller without the carseat and face the other way! He is still able to lay back and I can see him through the canopy above! See below!

We have gotten lots and lots of use out of this stroller already!

This Swing

Brewer still loves his swing! It’s affordable and keeps Brewer entertained. It can be tilted back, swing front to back, or side to side. It also plays music. 

Bounce Seat

This seat comes in handy while we are in the kitchen making dinner or eating. We leave it on the table and Brewer joins us!!

Animal Wonder Jumperoo

Brewer is beginning to love the jumperoo! I think we will be using this for all the months to come!


Those are just a few of our favorite things for entertainment!

9. Have there been any surprises being a mom?

I knew that I would love being a mom but I have loved it times a million!

I had always dreamed of becoming a mom. I think we also had him at a good time in life. We were both 29 and waited until we had been married for a bit. We knew we were ready! I think everyone will know in their heart when they are ready!

Of course, I didn’t know what my baby would be like, his temperament, or anything like that. Brewer is a very easy going baby and we are so grateful for that! It does not take much to make him smile and be happy! 

Being a mom is a full time job but I absolutely love it!

10. What one piece of advice would you give to new moms?

If I were to give one piece of advice, I would say SOAK. IT. ALL. IN. Even during those early weeks when baby is not sleeping well, rock them, feed them, stare at them and SOAK. IT. ALL. IN. There is nothing sweeter than knowing your baby needs you and you’re able to be there for them!


That wraps up today’s post! It was kind of a long post. I’m still a new mom and still figuring things out. Every mom does what is best for their baby and that is beautiful to me! I love being Brewer’s mommy so much!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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