This & That Thursday

Happy Friday Eve!!!

You can still get excited for the weekend even during quarantine, right?! I say YES!

Today, I will be talking about a little bit of this and a little bit of that! See the list below..



This week: I am deep cleaning my house this week!! Several weeks ago, I did a spring cleaning and cleaned- out closets, the garage, etc. to get rid of things! This week, I am deep cleaning around the house. I’m talking baseboards, EVERYTHING! I love a clean house!! Look at my cute little helper!


Looking Forward to: CINCO DE MAYO!! Haha! I love having holidays, plans, and events to look forward to! This is the first year in soooo long that Cinco De Mayo actually falls on Taco Tuesday. So if the world is not re- open by then, we will have to get creative with some fun plans!!


Currently Dreading: Right this moment… I’m dreading getting in my car to go run a quick errand that needs to be done! haha. It’s a rainy day here and I’d rather not have to get in my car today! BUT, then again.. it’ll be cool to feel normal like I have somewhere to go!


Reminiscing on: Yesterday our state announced that schools will stay closed for the remainder of the school year. Ever since then, I’ve been reminiscing on this school year and thinking about how far our students had come in their learning this yesr!


Watching/ Reading: I’m not really watching anything in particular. I’ve tried to get into Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart… it’s just okay! Theres nothing like a normal Bachelor/ Bachelorette season! I’ve been reading Carrie Underwood’s new book this month and I LOVE it! She is SO inspiring on and off stage! I’m learning a lot of her fitness tips & tricks. I love how “normal” she makes her life seem. She says over and over in her book, that her top priorities are being a wife and mom!


Listening to: While cleaning my house this week, I’ve been listening to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, “Off the Vine” and my favorite pandora playlist is currently Jessie James Decker!


What’s on the Menu: When I plan our meals for the week and go grocery shopping, I always make a list. I try to incorporate some healthy meals and some favorite meals that we just really like. This week looks like the following:

Monday- Southwestern Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday (We have been doing this a lot during quarantine!)

Wednesday- left overs

Thursday- Salmon & Veggies

Friday- Grilled Chicken & Veggies OR Take- Out!

Disclaimer: Friday nights are usually always our date nights! We typically go out on Friday nights. During quarantine, we have still been trying to make Friday’s feel like date night by cooking a good meal at home with a bottle of wine OR by getting take- out for dinner!

Send me any good recipes you are loving during quarantine!!


I’m Loving: I just got these CUTE bracelets in the mail yesterday! Go give @Leighleesbracelets a follow on Instagram and check out her bracelet collection! She has so many fun pieces that you can stack together!


Weekend Vibes: Great question! No specific plans at this exact moment! After deep cleaning my house room by room this week, I want to chill & do something FUN!


Bible Verse: Proverbs 13: 20 was my bible verse in my devotion book today! I thought the verse was rather.. WISE!


Catch me back here tomorrow to hear about 5 things that I find FABULOUS!!!


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