This & That Thursday

Hey Friends!!

I hope y’all are having a GREAT week despite all that is happening right now!

Today’s post is titled, This & That Thursday! I’ll literally be talking about a little bit of this and a little bit of that… check it out below! 🙂




This Week: I’m quarantined at home like everyone else. I really miss my students at work- so, so much. When the world feels crazy, my kiddos at work can always make you smile and feel light hearted, like nothing else in the world matters! I’m trying to think of ways to still communicate with them: reading books online, sending post cards, etc.

Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to all things SPRING!! Even though, we are limited on what we can do in the world right now, I’m loving the weather outside, being outside with Ace, doing my bible study outside, going for evening walks, basically all things outdoors at my house!


Currently Dreading: Spring Cleaning… my closet needs a major clean- out.

Reminiscing On: Being at the lake this past weekend! We drove up to the lake just to get away for a bit. It was so calming being by the water, surrounded by the mountains, and reading a book. Every time I’m there, I’m reminded how BIG our God is! He goes before all that’s happening in the world right now!

Watching/ Reading: I’ve been watching a lot of Disney Plus lately!! Sometimes, I turn on Disney just for Ace to have some background noise. Disney is also very calming lol!

So back in Decemeber, I started reading a Christmas book and I NEVER finished it. I’m trying to do so much better about reading a book a month. Anyway, I restarted the book and I’m loving it. We could all use some Christmas cheer right now, right? lol! I mean, I’m not putting my Christmas lights back up like some people are doing, although, I’m ALL FOR IT!!


Listening To: I just went to my recently downloaded songs on my Itunes and saw this song! LOVE IT!! It’ll for sure put you in a good mood! It’s just a happy song! 🙂


What’s on the Menu: This week we have made grilled chicken with salad, burgers, and tonight we’re doing tacos! Is, “Taco Thursday” a thing?!


I’m Loving: I have all things spring on the mind including clothes!! Of course, its difficult to go anywhere to shop right now. It’s a great time to support small businesses. This fringe top came from my favorite boutique, Southern Charm in Inman, last summer. You can also shop a VERY similar top from a small buisness owner through their Etsy shop, using this link: Fringe Top


Weekend Vibes: Harry is going to work in the yard this weekend! I’ll probably continue my spring cleaning around the house! I’ve started but I’m not completely finished. I’m trying to go room by room and do a deep cleaning!


Bible Verse: Someone from church gave everyone this verse in small group (via online) this week and I loved it!!


That’s all for today! Come back tomorrow for a Fab Friday post!!


2 thoughts on “This & That Thursday

  1. Lisa Ramp says:

    I love all your little tid bits about life.
    You make me smile.
    I would love to put your closest in my house. You have the cutest clothes.
    Thanks for posting positive 😄
    Miss you ☀️


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