Fab Friday


It’s Fab Friday! Ahh, I love these posts!!

On Fab Friday posts, I share 5 things with you that I currently LOVE and find fabulous!

When I find new things that I love, I always want to tell everyone about them!!


Let’s get to it:


1. Exfoliating Body Scrub- I can’t say enough about how much I love this stuff! I wanted a good body exfoliating scrub to use before self- tanning (more on that below). I came across this shea sugar scrub on Amazon for $5.99!! And the jar is BIG! I think this stuff will last me a while. It also comes in several different scents. I ordered the Tropical Mango and it smells AMAZING! I love a good exfoliater that has the little scrubby beads. Bonus… so many things can not be “primed” right now with a 2 day delivery guarantee but this stuff is still on PRIME!

Shop this exfoliating scrub here: Shea Sugar Scrub


2. Isle of Paradise Self- Tanning Kit- If you watched my Instagram stories earlier this week, I shared that I got this self- tanning kit in the mail on Tuesday. Typically I use cheap self tanner that I can get at a drug store but I was hearing so many great things about Isle of Paradise so I decided to give it a try. Plus the size of the lotion is HUGE and it came with tanning drops. The drops can be added to your moisturizer for your face. You can also add the drops to the lotion for an even darker tan, for the rest of your body. I thought it was well worth the price. Plus right now, it’s on sale!!


Look at my results!! Photo 1 is before. Photo 2 is a few hours after the first application. Photo 3 is a few hours after the second application the next day!! I’M OBSESSED!! It’s not sticky, it dries quickly, and I do not mind the light smell at all! My tan was still in tact after showering too!!

Shop this deal here before it’s gone: Isle of Paradise Tanning Kit: Dark


3. Jessica Simpson Sandals- I bought these sandals in gold last summer and I wore them ALL the time! I’ve been wearing them a lot this spring, so far too!! I’ve seen the clear sandals shown above, for sale this spring and I really want a pair. They are the cutest, most comfy, go with everything- type of sandal! Bonus.. they’re on sale right now!!

Shop those sandals here: Jessica Simpson Sandals


4. Clear Glass Vase- Hearth & Hand- I’m obsessed with this vase that I got from Target! I really wanted an all year vase where I could change the stems to go with the season. This clear vase does the trick!

Shop the vase here: Clear Glass Vase

This is a very similar stem that I currently have inside of my vase: Artificial Light Pink Stem


5. Pink Umbrella- It’s spring time and everyone needs some umbrellas on hand if you don’t already have some. I like to keep one in my car at all times and have one hanging in my laundry room at all times! I recently had a hot pink umbrella and left it in Chimney Rock (oops) so I found a duplicate on Amazon!! It also comes in a variety of colors! Bonus.. you can still currently prime this item too!!

Shop my umbrella, here: Hot Pink Umbrella


I hope y’all have a GREAT weekend! I’ll see you back here next week!


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