Motivation Monday: Finding Joy vs. Happiness

Hey, Hey!! I hope everyone’s March is off to a GREAT start!

I said March… like WHAT? 2020 is already flying by!!

To be honest though, I am SO SO excited that spring is around the corner! I love winter & snow BUT I’ve had spring on the mind lately. Bring on all the fun colors in my wardrobe again!! LOL!



I’ve sort of spent the beginning of the new year thinking about what I want my blog schedule to look like, how often I want to blog, and brainstorming different ideas for this year. Y’all know what type of blog posts to expect from me at this point but I wanted to give you a more accurate idea of when to look for my posts.

I’m going to start blogging twice a week. You can always look for my blog posts in the mornings. I’ve put a calendar on my homepage and it will highlight the days of the month that a post was published.

You will find these posts once a month:

Motivation Monday- These posts will consist of encouragement & most of the time will be, faith driven posts.

Tell All Tuesday- I will pick a RANDOM topic to talk about during these posts.

What I Wore Wednesday- I will share some recent outfit details.

This & That Thursday- I will talk about a little bit of this & a little bit of that during these posts.

Fab Friday- I will pick 5 things that I currently find fabulous & share.

You will find these 5 posts in order each month, along with other posts mixed in along the way!

For example: Out of those 5 monthly posts, if you see a Motivation Monday post, the next “monthly post” will be a Tell All Tuesday post. OR if you see a This & That Thursday post, the next “monthly post” would be a, Fab Friday post.

Again, you will find these posts in order with other posts mixed in along the way. Example: This week, could be a Motivation Monday & a Life Lately post. OR You may find a Motivation Monday and a Tell All Tuesday post one week.

I hope you get the jist of what I’m trying to say!

So if any of those posts are your favorite, that will kind of give you an idea for when to look for them! ๐Ÿ™‚


This is still very much a lifestyle blog. I talk about everything from my faith, family, fashion, home decor, holidays, and SO much more. I try to keep this a happy corner on the internet and share the things that I truly love. You will find my faith all throughout my blog because that is the core of my life. I hope this can be a source of “encouragement” for you too each time you visit! ๐Ÿ™‚


Okay, now onto today’s post…

motivation monday

I’ve recently been reading about joy in the bible. Did you know that joy and happiness are different?

Think about some things that make you happy. For example: landing a new job, buying a new house, getting a pay raise, traveling to an exotic destination, purchasing something you have wanted for a long time, etc.

While these things make us happy, I think it’s important to remember that happiness is an emotion. It’s elusive in life. Happiness comes and goes.

What happens when we begin to lose the excitement for the things that make us happy? The newness of something has worn off. Then, what? Or a situation in life has made us un-happy, then what? This is where JOY comes in!

“..for the joy of the Lord is our strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

We can find joy in strength through HIM!

That’s the beauty of salvation. We always have peace, hope, and JOY in Jesus!

We can be unhappy about a situation in life but at the end of the day, we will still have joy because we have Jesus in our lives. He will always have the best interest at heart for our lives.

Motiviaton today: Remember that our joy comes from the Lord! No matter what we may face in life, we have joy in Him!



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