Blueberry and Cream Cheese French Toast

Happy Saturday!!!

Who else has a 3 day weekend?!

Y’all I’m so excited about having that extra day off!


It looks like the Upstate area is going to be rainy and foggy this weekend! It got me thinking about doing all of the cozy things this weekend.. movies and blankets, pajamas and working in our house, and a good breakfast! haha.


Who else loves breakfast food!

Anyway, I recently came across this blueberry and cream cheese french toast recipe on facebook!


Doesn’t this look amazing!!

Here is the link to the full recipe: Blueberry & Cream Cheese French Toast


I use to go to the grocery store on Mondays. (don’t ask, that was just my designated grocery shopping day!) However, I recently changed grocery shopping day to Sunday! It just makes the week so much easier to go ahead and have that done before the busy work week gets started. I always go into the store with a list so it’s easy and painless! I’m in and out. Sometimes, I even do grocery pick- up!

Tomorrow when I head to the grocery store, I’m going to buy the ingredients to make this recipe on Monday morning!

Who else wants to try it with me?! It had awesome reviews!!



Speaking of cozy things.. who has tried this?? Y’all, I had the frappuccino last weekend!


Ahh!! Best thing I’ve ever tasted!

Now I know these things are not the healthiest items.. but a rainy 3 day weekend calls for it..right? LOL! I recently joined the gym too, so I’m telling myself, it’s fine! You have to treat yourself!!


One more thing before I go.. If you’re looking for a sweet movie to see this weekend, go see “A Dog’s Way Home.” We saw it last night! TAKE TISSUES WITH YOU!

I couldn’t wait to get home and love on my sweet Ace!! The dog from the movie reminded me so much of our sweet boy!! I love this dog so much!!


Have a great weekend!


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