A Day in the Life of Us

Today, I am blogging “A Day in the Life of Us.” I’ve said this before, but these are my favorite posts! I love reading these on other blogs and they will be the best to look back at, years from now!


I always pick days on the calendar that we have nothing planned in order to document these blog posts! If something comes up before the day arrives, that’s great, and if not, that’s great too! That way, these posts really are “a day in the life.”


This is what a weekend day looks like for us! On this particular weekend day, we did not have anything specific planned so there will not be anything extraordinary ahead. πŸ™‚

I documented our day this past Saturday, November 17th!


Rise and Shine! I was awake by 7:12 AM but of course, I stayed in bed a while a longer! It’s Saturday!!


I woke- up and added some pictures to my class instagram account that I took this past week! This is a private instagram account for the parents of the students in my class! It has been a great way for parents to see all of the neat things going on at school!


Then, I took a shower and washed my hair. Every time I turn on the hair dryer, Ace comes running to the bathroom and waits patiently for his turn. He loves to have the hair dryer blowing on him.


All ready for the day!


Then, I ate peach cobbler that I had left over from dinner from the previous night! Super healthy breakfast, I know!! (Not a quality photo but it was so yummy!)


Then, I did my daily devotional at the kitchen table with Harry!


Then, I watched some of the CMA awards that I missed Wednesday night! Not the best quality photo but can we all agree that Carrie Underwood looked stunning in every single outfit?! And she’s pregnant!!


Then, I went out and ran some errands! On my way into town, I called AnnaVee and we were able to catch up!! First, I stopped by the post office to mail something, then, I went by Rite Aid. I had to get some more airborne and one a day vitamins. (I’m trying my best to not get sick this fall/ winter!!) I also picked up a few things for Ace’s Christmas stocking while I was there!!


Y’all I had such a craving for Fuji!! I haven’t had it in months and we were talking about it at work a few days ago and it made me want some! So.. Fuji it was! I ordered it to- go and took it home! (I’m winning on healthy eating today! lol)


I listened to Christmas music as I headed back home! πŸ™‚


Carrie Underwood: Love Wins

Once I got home, I ate lunch and watched some more of the CMA awards! Carrie Underwood killed in on stage with her song, “Love Wins.” I provided a link for y’all to go listen above!! Do it. You won’t be disappointed! It’ll make you feel better!


Then, I did a little bit of cleaning at the house while I waited on Harry to finish up some yard work. Then, we went out to run a few more errands. First, we stopped at my in- laws house! I failed to get a picture there!


Then, we went by Lowes. Harry needed to get some more grass seed. Naturally, I looked at Christmas decor while we were at Lowes!!


Next, we stopped by the grocery store and got a few things to make dinner! We decided to grill out tonight! We called my mom to catch up with her while we were in the car!


While dinner was being made, we had Christmas Vacation playing!! We will watch this movie about 100 more times before Christmas gets here! LOL!


Dinner is ready! After dinner, we watched the South Carolina game!

I fell asleep early tonight while the game was on!! We had a long week, so I took advantage of being able to get in bed early!!


Weekends like this are my favorite!! We rarely have a day where we can just go with the flow!! We love being busy and having things to do, but we also don’t mind days like this one bit! πŸ™‚


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