Red, White, and Blue Recap

Happy Friday!!!!


How was everyone’s 4th of July?


I am back today to recap our 4th!

9 15

This year Harry and I spent the 4th at the lake just the two of us (plus Ace of course!)



Harry had some time off work this week so we took advantage of it and headed to the lake for a couple of nights! There is just something about Lake Lure that is so magical. The water is surrounded by mountains there and it makes you forget about the rush of life!


We arrived at the lake Wednesday morning! First things first.. time for (large) mimosas!


Then, we went straight to the water!

We spent several hours on the boat, swimming, and laying out.


It’s hard to get a tan when you have 25 pounds of cuteness on top of you though! HA.


Then, we went back to the house for a late lunch/ early dinner. BBQ for the win!

Harry’s plate looks so YUM!


Then, we chilled out for a bit and I read in my book!

I can’t recommend this book enough!! I literally could not put it down.


Then.. cupcake time!! I didn’t make anything from scratch this year because it was just the two of us. I picked up these bad boys from the Fresh Market! SO GOOD!


Then, we went swimming a bit! Ace is literally a fish. I can’t think of anything Ace loves more than swimming.. and maybe a good dog treat!


Then, we had a rain storm!! So relaxing which meant.. more reading!


The rain cleared up right as it was turning dark and we headed out on the boat for the annual firework show!

Great ending to a great day!


Thursday we slept in really late! My favorite thing about summer.. late nights and late mornings!

Then, we pretty much repeated the previous day!


We were in the sun most of the day! Thank goodness for great weather!


I almost fell asleep in the hammock that afternoon.


We ended the night chilling on the boat house!


I also finished my book on this day!! This book easy makes my top 3 favorite books!

I’ve talked about the book so much that I feel like I need to give y’all a preview!

Book Preview: A woman (Emma) marries her high school sweetheart and against their parents expectations, they build a new and exciting life for themselves. On their one year anniversary, her husband disappears in a helicopter that went missing over the Pacific Ocean. It took Emma some time to adjust to life without her husband but she finally gained the strength to move forward with her life. That is when Emma finds love again and she’s happy and she gets engaged. Then.. the unexpected happens. Emma finds out her husband is alive and he’s coming home. 

It sounds good right? Idk! I just thought the plot was so compelling! It pulls at your heart strings and really makes you think!!



We headed home from the lake early Friday morning to enjoy the weekend at home before Harry transitions into a new job on Monday!

A Peek into Life: God opened a door unexpectedly and Harry took a position at Spartanburg Methodist College as the new Assistant Director of Admissions! He is so so excited!! Sad about leaving Upstate where he has been planted for the past couple of years but so excited to begin this new journey!


Another fun Tidbit: Harry and I are both graduates of Spartanburg Methodist College! We did not know each other at SMC because we were there at different times but we both know how special it is there. I always think about the cross on campus when I think about SMC! Some of my best memories come from this campus!


I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!! If you have any chik lit books that I should be reading this summer, let me know in the comments below!!


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