Life Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Life Lately” post so I thought I would blog about everything we have been up to in 2018 so far!


Life lately.. we have definitely enjoyed all of the winter months and we are officially looking forward to spring!


This back and forth weather has finally gotten the best of me! I stayed home sick today. Ugh!



We had to take Ace to the vet about two weeks ago. Our sweet boy was really sick for several days. This is the first time he has ever been sick.. poor baby! He had symptoms like he had a stomach bug, but thankfully the vetinarian gave him some medicine and within a week, he was back to his energetic self!



The last holiday we celebrated was Valentine’s Day! This year, we camped out at home.. and it was the best! No crowds and no waiting for a table! Take- out food for the win!

2 6 10

My best friend finally had her baby!!! Mason is the sweetest thing ever!! I just can’t get enough. We are so thrilled for AnnaVee and Nick!


We have celebrated several birthdays lately!!

-I went to Charleston for Chelsea’s 26th birthday at the end of January!

-We celebrated my sister’s birthday in Charlotte two weekends ago!

(Have you ever had so much fun that you didn’t even think to take a picture? That was me during both of those occasions!)


My mom turned the big 5-0 on March 1st! Of course, that called for a big celebration!! My sister and I took her shopping at the outlets in Charlotte for the day and brought her home to a surprise party!


Harry and I recently attended an engagement party for a friend of his from high school! Wedding season is coming up!! Yay! We.. well I.. love going to weddings! Lol


This past weekend, we dog sat for my sister’s roommate while they went out of town! Ace had fun playing with sweet little Lola but at the same time, Ace thinks he’s a human. He kept looking at the dog like, “why are you here?” He’s a mess!


Connor came over to hang out this past weekend too after his baseball game! I say it all the time but we love our neighbors!


Other random things we’ve been up to:

-Work is pretty busy for both of us right now! It’s the end of the nine weeks at school so that means lots of assessments and report cards. Harry recently took on some new tasks at his job, USC Upstate, so he’s been working long days this week.

-Grad school is a lot right now, just busy as usual!

-We are back on our house searching game! After taking some time away from that to enjoy the holidays, we are beginning to look again! We’re really just trying to have fun with it and not stress about it. We know God will open the door to the right home at the right time!



-We went to see The Steel Magnolias at the Spartanburg Little Theatre Friday night and it was so so good! I laughed so hard! I’ve been telling everyone to go see it. They have more performances this weekend and tickets are selling out fast!


-Okay.. I watched The Bachelor Finale last week and like everyone else, I had a lot of thoughts about it. At the end of the day though, Arie and Lauren both seem extremely happy and I wish them the best! Becca gets to be the new bachelorette and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!

That sums up our “Life Lately!”


Happy St. Patrick’s Week!!


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