Fab Friday



  1. These shoes!! I really wanted a cute pair of shoes that I could just slide on when I’m out and about running errands, nothing fancy! I came across these shoes online. I’ve had so many people ask about them and y’all.. they were ridiculously cheap! $10 on Amazon!! The brand is called Groove.


2. I have been in need of a good duffel bag for a while now! I went to Charleston a couple weekends ago for Chelsea’s birthday so I thought, now is the perfect time to find a cute duffel bag. This is another Amazon find!! It’s perfect for traveling for a weekend get away. The brand is actually Vera Bradley! (I didn’t know they made leopard print patterns but I was excited about it!)


3. I have found another mascara that I love! I have told y’all before on my blog that I was not a big fan of the Benefit mascara. Well, Benefit has a few different types of mascara. I recently tried their roller lash mascara and I am OBSESSED! The brush is my favorite. It is designed to grab, separate, lift, and curl. It does just that! I LOVE it!


4. I’m loving this long jean jacket from Southern Charm! I’m also thinking it’s going to look cute with a spring dress (no tights or leggings) with the sleeves rolled!


5. I love even more that Southern Charm is having a sale this weekend!!! The entire store is 30% off and their soft, light weight, tees are all buy one get one free! I made a stop on the way home today! 😉

Happy Weekend!!


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