Fam Bam Weekend

This past weekend, we took a family trip to the Great Smokey Mountains!


I haven’t been there since I was a kid so it was the perfect get away weekend. There were nine of us on this trip including my mom, our new step dad Mike, all of the siblings, and my grand parents. We missed Harry on this trip because he had a really big event at work this weekend!


On the way up to the mountains, we stopped to take in this breath taking view. We’re definitely getting the wind blown look here. Oh.. and if you’re wondering why Ethan looks so upset, it’s because he was so upset. Do you want to know why? wait for it, wait for it.. we unplugged his DVD player in the car and his movie went off. I know, how dare us LOL!


Finally, we made it to the cabin!


It was the perfect place for a get away.




Friday evening, we went to dinner and went to “the island” in Pigeon Forge. It was beautifully decorated and definitely put me in the Christmas spirit! (although I’ve been in the spirit for several weeks now 😉 )


The weather was absolutely perfect Saturday morning and the hot tub was calling my name outside. Next, we all got ready and I read in my Bible before heading out for the day! There is just something about being in the mountains that makes me feel like I’m closer to God’s presence.


This little guy came asking for help combing his hair Saturday morning! lol having younger siblings is awesome!!

The “adults” in one car and the “kids” in the other!

You guessed it! We had “brunch” at good ole Cracker Barrel. My family are die hard LSU fans and LSU was actually playing against Tennessee in Tennessee this weekend. The LSU gear definitely drew some attention!


The boys (in their LSU gear) pointing (and laughing) at the 40% off Tennessee gear!


After brunch, we headed into Gatlinburg for the day! After spending the day shopping around…


…the boys wanted to have some real fun, so we went to ride go karts!


The fun continued with…


lazor tag!!!


Saturday was a success!!

Saturday night, my mom and Mike went to a Christmas show while the rest of us headed back to the cabin for the LSU vs. Tennessee game! We thought about going to the game because the stadium was so close by but there was 100% chance of rain and the weather turned VERY cold that night. We made a good choice plus, I think we had more fun at the cabin anyway!


We watched the game, made dinner, the boys played pool, and we just enjoyed each other’s company that evening. This picture was actually taken Friday when we arrived! Papaw and the boys!


The next morning, we went to breakfast at the Pancake Factory and headed home!

It was the perfect weekend with the perfect people!

This Thanksgiving, I’m feeling super thankful for my family!!


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