Deck the Halls

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


I look forward to decorating for Christmas all year because this really is the best time of year! Everything is so beautiful, there are so many great things to look forward to, lots of family time, and most importantly we are celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ! It’s the sweetest time of year!


With that being said, this past Sunday was “Deck the Halls” day. After church, I turned my Christmas music on, I lit my red apple wreath candle, and I brought out all of my decor. Harry even helped me a little!


Welcome to our home // door entry


I love counting down the days til Christmas! The countdown board was made by Kynslee’s Creations last Christmas.


The kitchen table // I put ornaments in my glass vase like last year and I had some greenery left over from decorating so I draped some across the table and added some ornaments to it. I found the cute reindeer this year at Hobby Lobby!


kitchen decor: I love putting lights above the cabinets!


My mom bought me the cookie jar. If I had to guess, she probably bought this at Belk. Am I right mom?!


Champagne glasses were made by my best friends for my 25th birthday and the gift box with lights was found at Kirklands last year.


Christmas dishes- pretty sure I found these at TJ Max last year


I could sit in my  living room all day! Harry and I are still in our apartment and it just feels so cozy in our living room with the tree up. I love it!!


This Christmas tree was used at our wedding so it’s a little extra special to us. Since we got married at Christmas time, we received lots of Christmas ornaments. I also started a tradition of getting ornaments when we travel or visit neat places. Needless say, decorating the Christmas tree means a lot to me!


Look how comfortable that sweet puppy is on the couch! My heart!


Our stockings came from pottery barn and I made Ace’s sweet stocking when he was a puppy!

More decor! My Cochran family blanket was given to me by a precious student last Christmas!! I have blankets and throws all around our apartment. You can never have too many!

I went into Rite Aid for dry shampoo a week ago and I came out with that adorable little Santa for $3. I needed to add a Santa Claus to my decor this year. The manger scene was given to me by my preschool teachers many many years ago! It is so special to me because those teachers were so special. I hope my students will remember me as their preschool teacher many years from now!


Elf hat and another throw!

It’s the little things in life. This picture was taken on December 18th right before I said goodbye to Harry for the night and became his wife on the 19th. That moment was so special to me! I want a different frame for it but for now, this one will do!

Again, its the little things in life. I have Christmas ornaments everywhere!


This shelf displays some of the things used at our wedding: snow globes, unity candle, champagne glasses, photos from our childhood at the bottom, and I still have my bouqet!

I shared this last year: shelf came from IKEA and I spray painted it!


Harry helped with the outside lights 🙂

Thanks for stopping by our home! Come by in real life and we will have a Christmas party!! 😉

To see last years Christmas Decor post, click here: Christmas 2016

Oh.. and I put the tree up in my classroom this week and our elf showed up! The kids voted and we named him Frosty!!

I hope you are in the Christmas spirit too! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


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