Gobble til’ you Wobble

From this little turkey to you all, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I’m so thankful for the best family (mine and Harry’s), awesome friends, my sweet sweet kiddos at work, and so much more. Above all else, I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus. He makes my world go round with the peace, joy, and hope that he provides. Everyone can experience these blessings by having a personal relationship with Him and allowing Him to take over your heart. Jesus will walk with you for eternity! If you do not know that peace and would like to talk or learn more, please, please, please email me at KristenCochran19@yahoo.com. I would love to talk with you and share more! I take this so very seriously.

Enjoy the parade on tv this morning!


That is one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions.


Eat a lot and be thankful for the ones at your table today!

This song makes me think of Thanksgiving, it has been on repeat around here lately!

Song: Come to the Table


I captured this picture last night! My cup completely runneth over..

Looking forward to a day spent with more family!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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