What I Wore Wednesday: Back to School

One of my favorite things about summer is my yoga pants and Nike shorts. Now that I am back at work, I have to pull my professional wardrobe back out!

Today, I am sharing two very simple outfits that I have worn back to work over the past couple of weeks.


This black/ white striped dress is perfect for back to school. It is super comfy and I dressed it up with some of my favorite accessories: the earrings and bracelets. It also transitioned easy into a date night outfit. I came home from work the Friday that I wore this dress, changed into the heels pictured (no I didn’t wear those bad boys to work! I do way too much walking at my school for those heels) and added the green clutch purse and headed back out the door for date night with my husband!

-dress: $10 at Old Navy

-earrings: those same fun earrings I’ve tagged before from Yes Doll Boutique

-bracelets: Yes Doll Boutique

-heels: those same cute heels I’ve tagged before from Target

-clutch purse: I tried Stitch Fix once and this was the only thing I kept from the box I received



I also wore this outfit one day over the past couple of weeks. I’m so excited that fall is just around the corner but I am wearing these summer colors for as long as I can!

-Pants: J Crew

-Top: this was a Marshalls find!

-Sandals: Clearance at Dress- Up Boutique


Getting dressed for work each morning doesn’t have to be such a hassle!

The key to any outfit are accessories!! Jewelry or a cute pair of sandals/ wedge heels can totally change the look of any simple work related outfit. 🙂 


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