Fab Friday


I’m back for Fab Friday!! As always, I will share 5 things that I currently find fabulous 🙂


1. THIS. COFFEE. IS. AMAZING! I have never been a big coffee drinker but this stuff has been giving me life over the past few weeks. I’ve heard my friend Brittany talk about her cold coffee that only has 10 calories for a while now, so I finally decided to give it a try. I’m hooked! I pour a cup in my tumbler each morning and add a couple teaspoons of silk creamer and I’m out the door! Forget having to wait for the coffee pot to brew and it taste so good! It can be found at Walmart or Ingles. Thanks Brittany 🙂


2. My mother in law gave me the cutest book to start the new school year! It’s called How to get your Teacher Ready. Teacher friends, if you are looking for a cute read aloud for your “beginning of the year collection,” this is a good one!


3. Cortizone has been my fabulous friend this week! I was outside one evening for several hours after work and I was literally eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was awful. They make my skin swell and look really puffy. I think I’m allergic if there is even such thing. I wish I was one of those people who it doesn’t faze. Anyway, cortizone has really helped!!! My next purchase will be a repellent to keep nearby. Come on cooler weather!!


4. I’m loving my  new two piece set from Southern Charm Boutique in Inman. They had a flash sale a couple weekends ago and I scored this outfit! I’m obsessed. I can wear it now while it’s still summer but I’m loving all of the fall colors in this outfit. If you live local, you have to check out Southern Charm!


5. Okay, after hearing people talk about the dip powder nail polish, I finally tried it and it is FABULOUS! I get my nails done quite often and I usually do gel polish but it gets aggravating when it starts to peel. You will not have this problem with the powder polish. My nails are currently red and I’m going on 3 weeks with this polish, yet they still look great! Ask about this at your nail salon. I love the new salon, Sky Nails in Boiling Springs!

Until next week,

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



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