This & That Thursday

This & That Thursday means I am talking about a random assortment of things!

Take a look at the list below! 🙂

11. This week: This week has been filled with a lot of different things. I have been to Woodruff to work in my classroom and work 4K screenings, I have been steady working on grad school assignments because my current classes end this week (thank goodness!), and I went to Atlanta for a couple of days to watch the Braves/ Dodgers game! We have also had my sweet cousin Stacie staying with us this week. She is working in Anderson for the week so she has been staying here each night. We have loved having her here!


2. Looking Forward to: It’s August so that means back to school! I am getting really excited to meet my new group of students at, “Meet the Teacher” in a couple of weeks!


3. Currently Dreading: One of my projects in my classroom is to change all of my center labels to velcro instead of taping labels to shelves. This will make things so much easier as I change out center materials through- out the year. It’s a project though because I have to take/ find pictures of all of my materials, upload them, print them, laminate them, and cut them out. So I am dreading doing that but I know in the long run it will make my life so much easier!


4. Reminiscing on: I am currently reminiscing on our trip to Atlanta this week. My siblings and I (minus Ryan because he couldn’t miss school) took my papaw to see the Dodgers play for his birthday. It was a blast and to top it off, the Dodgers won!


5. Watching/ Reading: Let’s talk about The Bachelorette! The finale is next week! If the spoilers are correct, I know who she picks and I won’t say if this is the right guy or not but.. I am still Team Peter. I just love him! Who does everyone else want Rachel to pick?


6. Listening to: I actually heard a new song on the radio this past weekend. Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett, go listen to it:


7. What’s on the Menu: Does Bronco’s count? lol since I have been so busy and Stacie is working late nights in Anderson, I haven’t really cooked much this week. Stacie had an early work day yesterday and we were all craving Mexican food!


8. I’m Loving: I just ordered my new teacher lanyard for the year and I love the print! Can y’all tell I have “back to school” on the brain?


Vera Bradley Lanyard

9. Weekend Vibes: This is my last weekend before returning to work next Friday, so we a couple of things planned. Tomorrow, I’m having a girls day with Brittany and Saturday, Harry and I are headed to the lake to chilllll!

10. Bible Verse: Micah 7:18, read below! This verse was part of my devotion this morning and I think we can all take something away from it. God is so good that he can forgive us for ALL of our sins and show us unfailing love. If he can do that for us, surely we can forgive someone in our life for something and show them that same mercy and love.


It’s almost the weekend!!



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