Did Someone say National Lipstick Day?


In honor of National Lipstick Day, I am sharing my favorite go to lip colors:

171. Baby Lips: Pink Smooch- I shared this on a Fab Friday post! It has been my favorite go to this summer. It is the perfect pop of color. I love it as much as I love the $5 price.


2. Mary-Kay Lip Gloss: Golden- I love a good golden, neutral color too. I wear this lip gloss A LOT throughout the year. My mom is a Mary-Kay consultant so I can easily order it from her when I need it!


3. NYX Butter Gloss: Apple Strudel- When I am in a hurry and not spending a lot of time on my make- up, this is what I grab! It gives a pale pink glossy look and once again the price is perfect!


4. Mac Lipstick: Plumful- This is my absolute FAVORITE because I wore this lipstick color on my wedding day. I still wear it routinely now if I am getting fancy!


What are some of your favorite go to lipsticks?!



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