A Day in the Life of us

Do you want to know what a summer week day looks like for us? Today, I am sharing another “Day in the Life” post from a couple days ago, Tuesday, July 12th, 2017.

Basically, I circle a day in my planner in advance and I document that entire day. I always circle days that we do not have plans for. If plans arise before that day gets here or the day of, we just go with it! That way, it truly is, a real day in the life. These posts are going to be my favorite to reread some day!


 I woke up at 7:15 and Harry was already up getting ready for work. He usually goes into the office around 8:30. He works less than 5 minutes away!!


I got ready for the day, then I ate breakfast and had my quiet time on the porch!


Then I worked at my desk for a bit. I had to write some things down in my planner and I also published a blog post on Wednesday, “Give us Today, our Daily Bread.”

You can find that post here: Give us Today our Daily Bread


You guessed it! I watched a few minutes of my favorite movie, “Sweet Home Alabama” while I waited for Natalie to get here. Natalie stopped by and I got to catch up with her for a while!


Then, I went to the pool for about an hour! Pool ready!


Then, I came inside for lunch because Harry was on his lunch break. We both had turkey sandwiches and I also snacked on my favorite Ritz Bits.


Harry went back to work and I went out to run a few errands. I stopped by the Post Office to mail a couple of important packages to two very special people and I had to stop by Rite Aid to pick up a few toiletries. I go there a lot because it is on the corner from where we live!


Then, I came home and worked on grad school work for the next 2 1/2 hours.


I took Ace on a walk that afternoon!


I made myself go to the gym and I came back and made one of Harry’s protein shakes.


It was almost time for Harry to be home so I made a shrimp caprese pasta for dinner. I haven’t quite mastered the art of taking “food” pictures. HA!


Then, Connor came over for a few hours! He lives next door and occasionally, Harry and I babysit. He’s precious! I walked by and caught the sweetest picture while he was watching tv with Ace.


I cleaned up around the apartment, did some chores, Harry worked out, we made Connor a snack, Connor played with Ace, and we finally sat down and we all watched a movie that was on Netflix. (Not the best picture)


Not long into the movie.. this happened! LOL

After Connor left, we got ready for bed and we were both asleep around 11!

And that is a day in the life of us. Very easy going and non- eventful! These days are the best 🙂


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