Pray with your spouse

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. 1Thessalonians 5:11


Why pray as a couple:

  • You will be following Christ’s example for His church
  • It will teach you to be open with one another
  • It forms a strong bond and makes it easier for you to discern God’s will for you as a couple
  • It will bring miraculous results as you allow God to work in your marriage and family
  • It will lower your number of disagreements
  • It will lay a foundation for a spiritual legacy for your children in years to come

Throughout the week, Harry and I do our separate quiet times with God because we wake up at different times each morning. We have made a commitment to sit down together once a week, (we chose Saturday mornings) to pray together, pray for each other, and share what God has been teaching us.

Sometimes, life can get to you and its easy to lose patience with the person you are closest with. We may become short with one another, let out frustration, and we lose sight of what we should be fighting for, which is Jesus.

I have found that when we are consistently praying together and for  each other, we are more gentle with one another. We are more understanding and less likely to say something harsh when we walk by a mess left by the other person. We feel like we are fighting together instead of against one another.

We know that God is in control of all things going on in our lives and our families, when we put our trust in Him. Let God take control of your marriage/relationship!


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