Hey everyone!!

We’re treating this post as a “Motivation Monday!”

This Monday, we were out celebrating Labor Day with a sweet little, rainy day road trip!

We took a drive through the mountains! We love the feel of the mountains, especially this time of year!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than a baby in a rain jacket?!

We discovered the cutest farm/ pumpkin patch along the way!

Look at this cutie pumpkin!

We stopped and had lunch on the water at the Lakehouse Restaurant by Lake Lure! It was so peaceful watching it rain over the water!

And we stopped by Cabelas on the way home! The boys were in heaven!

We took a walk to see the “cow cows” that evening! It was a sweet, sweet Labor Day with my boys!


Now onto today’s topic…

Each day, we have a choice. We get to choose what kind of perspective we will have.

Life gives us lots of different scenarios each and every day. Some are great and sunshine filled. While other scenarios feel hard and gloomy.

We get to choose our perspective on these scenarios.

It would be easy to beat ourselves up and be filled with negativity in the gloomy scenarios, but who wants to spend their days feeling that way? There is always something to be grateful for!

I read it best in my devotion recently…

Shop devotion, here: Be Still

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21

Sometimes life can be frustrating but we can choose to “flip the script” with our perspective. We can see the good in every circumstance by looking for Jesus in every circumstance.

I love the examples the devotion gave!

Jesus is faithful and He never lets us down. We don’t have to be the victim of our circumstances. Instead claim victory over our circumstances, look for the good, look for the lesson, and find the blessings! Jesus is good and if we are seeking Him, he promises to never fail us.

It’s also important to speak like over our circumstances. Like the devotion and Bible verse said, the tongue is powerful. Our body hears what we speak. Choose to speak life and positivity over circumstances thrown our way!

It’s amazing what perspective can do for us! It can fill us with so much joy!!

Next time you have a rainy day… go for a ride through the mountains! Find the blessings!

Love you guys!

**I’ll be back here tomorrow, Thursday!**

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