What I’ve been priming lately!

Hey, Hey!

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s blog post is all about what I’ve been priming lately…

What was life before Amazon prime?! Lol

I mean seriously! No having to go to 5+ places searching for one specific item. It can all be found right there on Amazon and I can have it primed to my house in 1-2 days!

So what have I been priming lately?!

If you go to my recent purchases, it looks as follows:

Desk Lamp

Harry recently ordered a new desk lamp for his work office! It’s pretty neat too because it also charges your phone right there on your desk! If you’re in need of nice lighting for your desk, look no further!

Pumpkin Pajamas

Aww! I recently ordered these cute pumpkin footie jammies for Brewer! It’s hard to find footed jammies now that he’s 18 months old. These felt like a win because they’re soft, footed, and fall/ holiday themed!

Lunch Containers

I talked about these on this months Fab Friday post! They are great for making Brewer’s lunches on daycare days, traveling, etc. They’re super sturdy and can go in the microwave & dishwasher. I also love the pastel colors!

Baby Bath Seat

Now that Brewer has outgrown the baby bathtub, it was time to invest in a baby bath seat. This one has been great! It sticks to the tub floor and still provides lots of room to splash and play. It also comes with some bath toys!

Stain Remover

I also talked about this product on my recent Fab Friday post! It is so wonderful for removing stains from Brewer’s clothes. I watch all the stains disappear as soon as I spray this magic onto the fabric. It’s worth having around if you have littles!

Picture Frames

We have these frames above the crib in Brewer’s nursery. I recently had to order more because he knocked one off the wall and it broke. If you’re in need of white frames around your house, these are great! They are size 8X10 and can be used with or without the matte.

Silicone Placemats

These are amazing!! We use them all the time when we travel or go to restaurants. They stick to the table and we place food on top for Brewer! They’re super easy to clean and wipe down. One stays in the diaper bag at all times!

Sleep Sack

It’s also harder to find sleep sacks that fit Brewer now that he’s 18 months. I found this one on Amazon at a super great price. It’s also soft and cozy! I hit prime so fast! Haha!


Okay! That completes all that I’ve been priming lately! Have an amazing day!

**I’ll be back here on Thursday!**

2 thoughts on “What I’ve been priming lately!

  1. annemariedemyen says:

    I received an order today. There were a few things that I got but the reason for my order was because we cannot find peanuts in the shell (for our squirrel friends) in our city lately. Amazon Prime it is!


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