Motivation Monday: A Little Teacher Encouragement

Hey Friends!

Happy Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend?!

We had a very fun weekend and it was good for the soul, as I started back to school today!

A quick little weekend recap..

On Friday, Brewer had his first haircut!

I should probably say trim, lol! The golden locks are still in tact! We just cleaned it up around his eyes!

Saturday morning, we went to “Family Fun Day” for the Panthers training camp with our friends!

Brewer had a blast!

Saturday night, we had a ladies night out to celebrate our best girl… Mrs. Sanchez Fair, who just got married! We are SO happy for Chelsea and her husband, Sanchez! We had the best night in downtown celebrating!

Sunday afternoon, we had a lake day!

There is something so humbling about being surrounded by mountains on the water!

It just puts me in awe of God’s stunning creation!

It was the perfect weekend before all things…

…yep! It’s that time of year! All things back to school!

Today was my official “start date.” However, it will be a few more weeks before I begin teaching! I’m loving this sweet little slow start, to get back in the groove!

Incase you’re new around here, I work from home! I taught in the classroom for 6 years and I made the switch to virtual world when I had my sweet Brewer!

Each year, when school starts I get filled with anxiousness and excitement! There is something so exciting about a new school year! I felt that way as a kid starting school and even now, as a teacher!

It’s like a fresh start to things with routine, new beginnings, and new ideas! It also means that the most FUN part of the year is around the corner: fall, football, holidays, etc!

The number 1 thing I get excited about though is meeting the new students who I will have the honor of teaching this school year!

Each student comes in with a different personality, a different background, a different story, etc. Each one is unique.

Sure.. some days can be harder than others. I think it’s important to always remember our “why” as teachers!

This sums up my why…

I love teaching content. Don’t get me wrong! I love being creative and making fun things and coming up with ideas to teach new lessons. The most important thing though… is not learning to count, but making sure they know what counts!

I think about the teachers I had as a kid and why I loved my favorite teachers. It’s because they saw me for who I was, they listened to my stories, they made each day memorable by being a fun loving teacher, they made each day feel special, and I walked out of their classrooms knowing I was loved!

Truthfully, some of my childhood teachers are why I became so inspired to be a teacher. I hope my students will remember me for being those same things.

My job makes each day rewarding. Teachers are shaping little minds and future generations.

We can also learn some things from children..

This is my favorite thing in the world about being a mom and a teacher! This is why I love children. May we as adults, never lose our sense of wonder. I hope to always have a child like heart and see the beauty in every little thing!

And I’ll leave y’all with this today..

We can spread God’s love in the little things.. the way we speak, the way we listen, the way we respond, in the way we show compassion, and in the way we show kindness!

These are things that students will never forget!

Happy Monday/ August/ School year everyone!!

**I’ll be back on the blog, Friday!**

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