Fab Friday!

Hey Y’all!!

Welcome to this month’s edition of Fab Friday!

This month, I have 2 baby items + 3 summer wardrobe pieces!!

Let’s get to it!

1. Mockingbird Stroller- We recently upgraded to a heavier duty stroller for our growing boy! We went with the mockingbird stroller and we are obsessed! Brewer’s chicco stroller is great & we will definitely still use it! This one is a bit heavier duty, sits higher off the ground, the seat has so many adjustments + can be turned to face mommy, and down the road it can be converted to a double stroller! It made sense to upgrade to a heavy duty stroller now that Brewer is getting bigger + will get lots of use for years to come!

Shop, here: Mockingbird Stroller

2. Grow with me, Take along high chair- We needed something to travel with that Brewer can sit in to eat. This take along high chair made the most sense! It compacts really nicely. The tray can be tucked away at the bottom, the top of the seat comes off to be stored underneath, and all the straps have a little compartment to be stored away in underneath. It will also convert to a booster seat to be used here at home when he’s older! This has been a win for our family!

Shop, here: 2 in 1 Seat

3. Beach Cover- Up– How adorable is this beach cover- up?! I love the pattern with the polka dots! It’s super stylish! Bring on all the beach, lake, pool days, please!

Shop, here: Beach Cover- Up

4. Knit Summer Tank- This tank is a staple piece in my closet! It can be worn as pictured or with layers in cooler weather! It’s soft, never wrinkles, and comes in lots of colors! I love the neutral color!

Shop, here: Knit Summer Tank

5. Floral Dress– This dress is one of my favorite dresses that I own! I love the floral pattern, the flowy sleeves, the high neck, the tea length, and everything about it! It’s a classy piece in my closet that is great for weddings, parties, etc!

Shop, here: Floral Dress


5 great items for summer!! Mentally, I am already at summer! Ahh! It’s going to be a hot weekend! Bring on the heat/ summer!

**See y’all back here on Monday!**

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