Tell all Tuesday: The Things I LOVE

It’s February! The month of love!!

This month for, “Tell All Tuesday,” I am talking about all of the things I LOVE!

I’m going to talk about…

1. A make- up product I love

2. A hair product I love

3. A clothing item I love

4. A book I love

5. A baby product I love

6. A mom hack that I love

7. Something random that I love


A make- up product I love…. Mac lipstick: plumful

I love this lipstick!!! I wore it on my wedding day and I wear it for just about any night out: date night, girls night, etc! It’s the perfect shade for every skin tone, hair color, etc in my opinion!

A hair product I loveIt’s a 10: Leave in Conditioner

I have been using this leave in spray for 10+ years! I’m not kidding! If there’s one product that I live by, it’s this!! It has keratin which is like protein for your hair. You lose some of that when coloring your hair, etc. This spray adds all the protein back to your hair!

A clothing item I loveWhite Ankle Booties

I am obsessed with these booties!! They are great for winter and they’re going to be so fun for spring! They also have a wedge heel which makes them so comfy!

A book I love… His Needs Her Needs

My small group just started this book and I’m loving it! It gives us great reminders for our marriage and what better month to read about that than February when we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day! I bought the kindle version but you can also get a hard copy!

A baby product I love…. Baby Aveeno Lotion

Okay, Brewer has dry skin and often gets eczema flare ups, especially in the winter. We have tried a variety of products and the only product we have found that works, is baby aveeno eczema lotion! If any of my mommy friends struggle with dry skin issues too, give this lotion a try! We also use baby dove, fragrance free bath wash and I think that makes a difference too!

A mom hack that I love…. planning ahead for play time!

Shop our toy box, here: Toy Box

Okay, this mom hack works well for us! Brewer has so many toys, especially since just having Christmas and a birthday! We invested in a toy box for his nursery before he was born because I knew the toys would accumulate fast!

We mostly play in the living room! We invested in an ottoman on wheels so we can roll it out of the way when it’s play time. In the afternoons, I’ve been choosing a few toys from the toy box to put in the living room for him to play with each day! This helps him play and get exposure to all of the neat toys he has. It’s not overwhelming to choose a toy to play with. Plus, it’s less of a mess everywhere!!

Something random that I love… Satin Pillow Case

I’ve always heard of the importance of sleeping against a satin pillowcase to protect friction against hair. I finally invested in one and I have to say, I LOVE it! You can get 2 for less that $5 with the link above!


Okay, thanks for stopping by to read about all the things I love! Hopefully you saw something that you love too!

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