Oh Baby Box!

Happy Monday Friends!!

Today, I am here to talk about something that I have found so FUN and HELPFUL as a mom!


If you are pregnant or a new mom, you can sign up for, Oh Baby Box, and a box of goodies will be sent your way! The goodies are great for mom AND baby! The box can also be catered to suit what stage you are in- pregnant OR a new mom! 

A little bit about the company:

“Born out of a desire to make the lives of expecting mamas easier, we created Oh Baby Boxes to help ease the numerous transitions between pregnancy & postpartum life. We know this journey is beautiful & filled with wonder (most of the time)- but let’s be real. Creating a human with our bare bodies can be incredibly hard on the mind, body & soul. Our goal is to nourish you, so that you can continue to create and care for your incredible little human(s) as effortlessly as possible. Each product included in our box is extensively researched, tested, and vetted by our team & mommies for efficacy and safety. Caring for expecting mothers during every stage of pregnancy & beyond is our #1 priority, and we are honored to curate these special boxes of love for you!”

Doesn’t this sound fabulous?

Sign- up, here: http://www.ohbabyboxes.com


Let’s talk about the items found in my box! I’m literally obsessed with each and every item!

First up, we have these baby milestone blocks!! They are adorable! I love the neutral colors- white with gold font! Everyone wants a way to document their baby’s sweet milestones and these blocks are a precious way to do, just that!

These blocks came from the company of the box: Oh Baby Boxes

TasTea Heaven!! This tea really does taste amazing!!! It also has specific ingredients to help with breastmilk supply. If you’re not breastfeeding, it’s still great to help mom feel good offering the all natural ingredients!

Shop this tea & many others, here: TasTea Heaven

J & L Naturals face mask!! This is heavenly! It’s a powder/ clay mask that helps promote shine. It feels amazing on the skin and after washing it off, I can tell a noticeable difference in the shine that it leaves! My skin also feels amazing after washing the mask off. Every momma is trying to feel their best self, right!!

Shop this item & other products from this brand, here: J & L Naturals

Toner by Evolue! This toner is also a product to help mama feel her best self! It’s a firming toner and I have loved incorporating it into my skincare routine. It may be my favorite toner I’ve ever used!!

Shop for this toner & other products by this brand, here: Evolue

Doddle & Co baby teether, The Chew! This is an item for baby. It’s soft for baby to chew on and the bubbles can be popped- so essentially it’s sorta like bubble wrap made into a baby teether! So fun for baby! I know Brewer is going to love this when he begins teething!

Shop this teether & other items from this brand, here: Doddle & Co

Inkling Scents Perfume! This may be my favorite item in the box!! I’ve been on the hunt for a new perfume and this item landed in my, Oh Baby Box, and now I have a new favorite perfume! It smells SO, SO good! This scent is Forest Whispers and the brand offers many other scents, as well. I now want to try them all because of how much I love this one! It rolls on so easy & the scent is very lasting!

Shop this scent + others, here: Inkling Scents

AMNH Stardust Skies Whipped Body Butter! This stuff looks so pretty inside the jar that I didn’t want to mess it up, haha! HOWEVER, after using it once, I can’t stop now! It smells amazing and feels amazing on my skin as well! It’s been a new favorite when I need lotion/ butter on my dry skin!

Find this body butter + lots of other skincare items by this brand, here: AMNH

UNPLUG! Okay, everyone needs this in their life. It’s a set of 30 cards that gives you 30 different ways to, “unplug.” If you’re ever feeling like you need a technology break, pick a month to go through these cards. It doesn’t mean you have to give up technology for the entire 30 days BUT it gives you ideas of other things you can do each day to get your mind off technology for a bit! I’ve enjoyed just looking through the stack and reading the ideas. For example: Have a fun day in the city you live in and visit a new place- psst, don’t use technology while visiting! 

Shop these cards + more, here: TheraBox


Okay, I hope y’all enjoyed reading about the items in my box as much as I’ve enjoyed using each item! You can sign- up to get your very own box and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed with your box! You’ll find each product helpful because this company really takes their time to test out products, research the ingredients, and provide you with satisfying items to help out mama/ baby. Plus, who doesn’t love getting a box of surprises in the mail? 

Sign- up for your very own box, here: http://www.ohbabyboxes.com


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