A Day in the Life

Today’s post is, “A Day in the Life.”

I always pick an ordinary day on the calendar where nothing is planned to document our day!

These posts are my favorite!! I love looking back at these months later!

It’s always the simple, laid back days that mean the most.


This, “Day in the Life” post is going to be somewhat different because now, we have Brewer!

So come on over & see what life is like with a baby at our house!!


Monday, March 15th, 2021:

Here we go…..

Around 5:30 AM, Brewer woke up ready to eat!!

He slept about 6.5 hours straight!

While feeding Brewer, I realized the background on my phone needed to be changed…

Now I’m greeted with this cute little face on the screen! 🙂

After Brewer ate, he went back to sleep for a couple more hours!

Then, he woke up for another bottle. Harry was on his way out the door for work!

It was an overcast kind of day! We had a cozy + laid back kind of morning in the living room. He loves his swing & I love watching him stare at the mobile. He’s becoming more alert & noticing things! It’s the sweetest!

During this time, I did my quiet time. Then, I caught up with my mom on the phone. Next, AnnaVee called & I was able to catch up with her for a bit!

I quickly got myself & Brewer ready for the day! (Plus another bottle!)

Grabbed some breakfast to- go!

Then, Brewer & I were off to run some errands!

Stop 1: I needed to make a quick return at Target!

Stop 2: We stopped by a sweet friend/ coworkers house to drop off a baby gift on her porch!

Stop 3: We stopped by The Pink Butterfly Monogramming store in Spartanburg to pick up these adorable Easter baskets that I ordered for Brewer & my niece, Eleanor!

When we got home, Brewer needed an outfit change because he spit up on his cute outfit from morning! Oops.

Then, it was time to eat again!

Brewer slept through all of our errands, so he was ready to be stimulated when we got home!

We read, “How to catch a Leprechaun.” I love reading to him!

The pup pups came to join us in the nursery!

Then, we did some tummy time!

Find his water play mat, here: Splashin’ Play Mat

Next, we played with his kick & play piano gym!

We love this!!

Find it, here: Kick & Play Piano Gym

After all of that playing, Brewer was ready to rest again!

Finally, momma was able to eat lunch! It was mid afternoon at this point!

Waffle with Trader Joes peanut butter and fruit for the win!

I was able to sit down & do a little bit of work on my computer! I answered emails, did some things for the blog, etc!

Then, I woke Brewer up! Fed him again, changed his clothes again (into an outfit that he would stay in for night as well), & Harry came home from work!

Brewer is starting to smile at us now & Harry had him smiling at Ace! 🙂

I snapped this photo while he was still in the swing! He looks like a little ole man watching television, falling asleep haha! I love this little squish so much!

The evening consisted of more play time with Brewer, more eating for Brewer, time with the pup pups, & I got in a little indoor work- out!

I’m working on my pre- baby self (lol), so we usually go for a long walk every day but this day was a bit chilly out & super overcast, so walking did not happen on this particular day!

Such a contradiction to work- out then eat pizza for dinner but hey, it happens! HA!

Harry took over & hung out with Brewer for the next little bit while I watched, The Bachelor.

Then, it was time to put Brewer to bed.

Right now, he’s sleeping 6-7 hours straight so, he’s going to bed late.

He goes down around 11 PM and sleeps til 5 or 6 AM.

He’s still sleeping in his bassinet in our room! BTW, these sleep sacks are amazing!

After putting Brewer to bed, we quickly got ready for bed too!


And that was a very simple, day in the life of us + a newborn!

Psst… we also had about 8- 10 diaper changes throughout the day!

It may sound silly but, I have the most fun changing clothes, changing diapers, feeding, & just hanging out with my sweet new baby! I truly cherish all of these moments with him!


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