Tell all Tuesday: Hospital Bags

This is my first, “Tell all Tuesday” post of the new year!

I basically pick a fun topic, once a month, on a Tuesday, to talk about with you guys!

Today’s topic is all about, our hospital bags!!!

We are packed and ready when baby says, it’s time!!!

Our bags are by the door…. literally!


So.. let’s talk about the things I packed! This is my first baby so I hope I did okay packing! I packed what I thought was important + took advice from a few others!

Disclaimer: I’ve been told the hospital will have a lot of the things I’ve packed BUT I’d rather have it & not need it than need it & not have it! Plus it’s nice to have your own things.


Baby’s Bag:



-Newborn bottles/ breast pump

(I’m using the Medela to start with because that pump was free through my insurance and had a lot of great reviews! If breastfeeding goes well for me & baby in the beginning, I plan on upgrading to a cordless pump- the Elvie! It will definitely be a splurge so I want to make sure breastfeeding is going to work for us first!)

-Several swaddle blankets

-Several burp cloths

-Newborn pacis


-Baby lotion

-A few outfits

-His coming home outfit

-Book: On the Night you were Born! (This teacher/ momma can’t wait to read to her baby!)


Momma’s Bag:



-Lounge Wear

-Comfy going home outfit


-Warm socks

-Nursing bra

-Mesh undies with pads for after birth

-Make- up bag


-Bath towel

-Flip flops for the shower

-Hair brush/ lots of hair ties

-Curling iron

-Portable fan to clip on side of bed

-Vitamins & Tylenol



-Heating pad


-Dry shampoo

-Devotion book

-Phone Charger



Daddy’s Bag:

Haha… I have to laugh on this one because I had to convince Harry to pack his bag ahead of time. He kept saying… all I’ll need are the clothes on my back! SUREEEE. lol! Anyway, he finally packed & his simple bag includes…

-Daily clothes

-Sweat pants/ pajama pants



-Phone Charger



-Money for the vending machines

-Bath towel




Okay mommas…. am I forgetting anything?!

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