Motivation Monday: Remember God’s Sovereignty

Hey, Hey!! Happy Monday Friends!

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!

After the year of 2020 & events that occurred in our nation this past week, I think we could all use some positivity! Let’s start this week off with a Motivation Monday post! This post is all about remembering God’s sovereignty.


We all know our world can be a scary place at times and especially lately. I am so guilty of saying, “I am terrified to raise children in this world.” Anyone else?

After events that occurred this past week, I read several great reminders about God’s sovereignty. You see.. we don’t have to be scared to raise children in this world (or go about our own lives.) God knew the events that would take place in the world during our time & our children’s time.

He has called us to be a part of this era and has equipped us to handle it. He has also called our children to be a part of this era and has equipped them to handle it. God has also called us to be parents during this time and to raise our children to NOT be scared, but instead encourage them to be leaders & help make a change!

Boy… when I started reading things like this, it hit me right in the face! I needed it too!

I want to see changes in our world like everyone else. In my heart, I truly believe it starts with the kingdom. There’s not a lot that we can do to change Washington today BUT we can make a difference for the kingdom every day by spreading God’s love.

This begins by showing love and modeling Jesus’s example of how He lived His life.

When the kingdom begins to grow & the hearts of people begin to change, everything else will flow! I truly believe that’s what will make us more united and allow us to make decisions together for the betterment of our lives!


Let me leave you with this song that I heard at church a couple of weeks ago!

It’s crazy how worship music just pumps me up!!

Pray by Worship Central

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