My Hair Care Routine

Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday was September 1st which means we can officially celebrate fall, right? Ahh! I love this time of year! Being back at school definitely gives me all the fall vibes! Okay, onto today’s post…


I recently shared my current make- up routine on the blog, so today, I wanted to share my current hair care routine!

I get my hair highlighted every 12ish weeks. Kristin at Fringe Hair Co in Boiling Springs does my hair (for all of you local gals!) She knows how to get my hair the perfect shade of blonde, yet still making the roots look very natural, so when it starts to grow out- it all blends well!


I go back and forth between 2 different shampoos/ conditioners:

Unite Blonda! This stuff helps keep all of the brassiness away and brightens my color up each time I use it! The conditioner is purple which is great for blondes!

Shop the shampoo, here: Unite Blonda Shampoo

Shop the conditioner, here: Unite Blonda Conditioner

I also love using Moroccan oil moisture! Their shampoo & conditioner keeps my hair from drying out. I rotate my shampoo/ conditioner and use each set every, other wash!

Shop the shampoo, here: Moroccan Oil Moisture Shampoo

Shop the conditioner, here: Moroccan Oil Moisture Conditioner


After washing my hair, I have 3 products that I live by:

It’s a 10 Leave in Conditioner- I’ve been using this stuff for 10ish years because it’s THAT GOOD! I’ve never felt the need to switch up my leave in conditioner. I don’t swear by many products but this is a product I can not go without! Plus it has keratin in it, which adds protein back into your hair. The protein tends to get stripped away when you color your hair.

Shop, here: It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In

Next, I use the Bo Stegall Hydrovital Mist. This gives my hair vitamin c + other  natural, nutrients! This stuff is incorporated into my skincare routine as well.

Shop, here: Bo Stegall Hydrovital Mist

The third product I use is, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave- In Potion. This helps maintain all the frizz, even on a rainy day! Another thing I love about “It’s a 10” products is that, each product really does help achieve 10 things for your hair! They are all great for protecting against heat!

Shop here: Miracle Leave- In Potion


After styling my hair, my go- to hairspray is Aquage! It’s light, not sticky, yet holds my hair in place.

Shop, here: Aquage Hairspray


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