Fab Friday

Happy Friday, Friends!!

Wheww! I had intentions of blogging a “What I Wore Wednesday” post, as well as a, “This & That Thursday” post! The first couple of weeks adjusting back to teaching has had this pregnant girl busy!! lol!

None the less though, it feels amazing to have students back in my classroom! I feel back in my element again & it’s been such a blessing!

I promised I would have a “Fab Friday” post this month though, so I’m here today to share some of the most recent things that I find FABULOUS!


Today, I’m sharing lots of clothing pieces!

1. This red dress!! I wore this for our “pregnancy announcement” photos! I just love it! It’s so simple & so easy to dress up or down! It also comes in a variety of colors!

Shop this look here: Red Dress

2. This dress was perfect for our baby’s gender reveal weekend! I wanted something that did not shout blue or pink! Lol, I wanted something that could go either way! I also love this dress because it’s great for ANY tropical vaca that you may have planned!

Shop this dress, here: Tropical Maxi Yellow Dress

3. This MaMa tee!! Ahh, I’m so obessed! If you’re a mama or a mama to-be, you need this shirt! It’s so soft & I love having simple “throw on” tees like this! It also comes in a variety of colors.

Shop this tee, here: MaMa Tee

4. LeighLeesBracelets is just the sweetest business ever!! When Sarah (who owns the business) found out we were expecting, she created this bracelet in honor of our baby & even named it, “The Kristen.”

My heart was overjoyed opening my mailbox to such a sweet surprise:

All of her bracelets are so stylish & fun! Be sure to check out: LeighLeesBracelets on Instagram!

5. BootayBag recently sent me some goodies & I was obsessed! Their undergarments are made of the SOFTEST material ever!! Check them out on Instagram: BootayBag


Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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