Life Lately

Happy June something…. I really have no idea what day it is!!


It’s been a while since I did a life lately post to document all the things we have been up too. I actually haven’t done a post like this since March and well… since March, things have been a bit different.

We were in quarantine for SOOOO long! Now things are some what normal?

I basically went through my camera roll on my phone to see what we’ve been up too!


Like I said.. corona.. Thankful to be getting out of the house a little bit more these days!


We got Nash Bash in the middle of quarantine! It was totally planned!! It just worked out that we had all of this extra time to spend with him and train him!

Read more about Nash, here: Welcome Home Nash!


We celebrated Easter with the fam!


Two cuties!! My niece, Eleanor and Nashy!!


These two have grown to love each other a lot during the past couple of months!! That was a big reason why we got Nash! We love Ace so much and I really wanted him to have a friend for when we’re not home!


We have had lots of days outside in the backyard!


We’ve also had lots of lake days, lately! This boy here is a FISH!! Loves, loves, loves to swim!


Harry and I have been going over to the Cottonwood Trail in Spartanburg a lot lately to get out of the house!!


Our days at home have also consisted of lots of grilling on the grill! We grill chicken a lot and change up how we use it! I love it on a good summer looking salad!


We finally ventured into downtown Greenville for a date night!


We also made it to the Fr8yard in Spartanburg one weekend!!


Along with one of my besties!! We also planned a girls day in the middle of quarantine! Girls days are just good for the soul!!


Look at this little handsome guy!!


The school year finally came to a close under the odd circumstances! So thankful for this team I get to do life with!


My assistant and I surprised our students at their houses because we wanted to end the year on a somewhat sweet note!!


My family came to Spartanburg in May to celebrate Mothers Day!

img_1242We took a drive to Dunkin Doughnuts one Sunday morning with these 2 pups!


We came home and had church at home!! Our church is supposed to reopen this weekend and we are SO EXCITED!!!


We finally got together with our small group from church this past weekend for the first time in SOOO long! We’ve been meeting up once a week via zoom! I love doing life with these people and it was so refreshing to be back together in person!!


My assistant and I made it out to the ball field to see 2 of our students play!!


My sister said YES TO THE DRESS this week!! Ahh!! This was my favorite part of wedding planning when I got married!! Such a fun evening!!


If you live local, pick up a copy of Belle Magazine to see Southern Charm Boutiques latest fashion featured!!


And that just about sums up life lately! Other things we have been up too:

-AnnaVee and Nick came over for Cinco De Mayo back in May but we failed to take pictures!! We tried to make the holiday fun even if we couldn’t go to a Mexican Restaurant!

-Brittany and I tried out The Heirloom in Spartanburg for the first time when things started reopening! It was so yummy!

-We went to a drive by birthday party for our friend’s little boy, Tillman- who turned 2!!

-My brother Ethan and cousin Sara spent a weekend with us a couple weeks ago!!

-Harry is still working from home but he should be returning to the office sometime in July!

-For me… I AM READY TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! I’m ready for vaca, I’m ready to go back to work, etc! Lol, I know it sounds crazy but I just can’t sit inside much longer! I thrive when I’m on the go and things are busy!


Hope you have an AMAZING day!


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