Cinco De Mayo Recap


I hope everyone had a FESTIVE Cinco De Mayo!!

I love having a good holiday to look forward too! I knew we were going to have to get creative with the fun this year! We had AnnaVee and NIck along with sweet Mason over for tacos and margs!!

How cool was it that Cinco De Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday this year!!

If you open up my planner, it said, “Blog Post: Cinco Recap” for today! BUT, I think I took one photo the entire night!! (oops!)

I think I was so excited to be around people again that taking photos was so far from my mind! lol


This was my one and only photo of the night– Harry preparing margaritas with the new cocktail shaker!

Anyway, it was such a fun night!!


Since, I do not have many photos to share from Cinco, let me show you my festive outfit for that night:


Does this scream Cinco De Mayo or what!!


I love a 2 piece set because it can be worn so many different ways!! Take the top and throw it on with a pair of jean shorts OR wear the pants with a cute top that’s knotted on the side!

Of course it came from my favorite boutique, Southern Charm. They now have an online website:


They are currently sold out in this color BUT they do have this exact outfit in stock in black!! I’m SO tempted to buy the black set also!! This outfit can be worn year round! Throw a jean jacket over it when it get’s cold!

Yeah, you need it! 🙂


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