Motivation Monday: Faith Over Fear


Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!

Today, I wanted to talk about 3 words that I have repeated over and over in my mind during this season that we are all going through- FAITH OVER FEAR!

I think it is a a natural human reaction to have some fear and anxiety during this time that we are all walking through. This pandemic was not expected or planned. Most of us have never delt with anything like this.

Overall, I think I’ve been pretty calm throughout most of it. I give that peace to God and having faith over fear! I’ve had to constantly remind myself that God goes before all of this and He knew this was coming.



God tells us to not be anxious about life. When we give our life to Him, we can live with a hope knowing that He is in control.

Again, I think it’s a natural human reaction sometimes to have a bit of anxiety over things. During those times, I have to remind myself, “faith over fear.”

I think it’s also important to feed your faith and not your fears.

For example, it’s so easy to get caught up in the media, reading articles, and listening to things about what could happen and it brings anxiety. Instead, replace those articles & things that bring anxiety by drawing close to God. Read his word that he provides about hope and peace.


Catch me back on the blog later this week!


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