Natural, Beautiful, YOU

Lately, I have been obsessing over skin care! Our skin is the one thing that we will have forever so therefore, it is important that we take care of our skin.


Today, I am telling you about a skincare routine that has worked for me! So.. if you care about this at all then keep reading… 🙂


Let’s talk about my night time routine first:

  1. I always take my make- up off with a baby wipe first. I take my make- up off before washing my face because if I don’t, I feel like I am just rubbing make- up into my skin. I use a natural huggies brand that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients in them.


2. I use to never be the type to spend a lot of money on skin care but once again, if there is something I will splurge on, it’s skin care because our skin lasts forever! So.. I started using Rodan & Fields.

I have a touch of pink in my skin and Rodan & Fields has a line of products that is specifically for that purpose called the Soothe Regimen. It is also made for people who have rosacea or sensitive skin. It consists of 4 products but I only use 3 of the products at night. (I’ll talk about the 4th product in a minute!)


Soothe 1: cleanser

After soothe 1, I use a toner and eye make up remover//

both by Mary- Kay, now continue with soothe 2!

Soothe 2: sensitive skin treatment

Soothe 3: moisture replenishing cream

I am NOT  a Rodan & Fields consultant and it is NOT benefiting me to say this but I really have seen a BIG difference in my skin using the Soothe Regimen with Rodan & Fields! So if you have ever thought about it, give it a try.

Everyone’s skin is different! Rodan & Fields also has other regimens for other skin types. 

3. Eye Cream: I use an age defense eye cream by Body Merry. It has great reviews and it is super affordable so I decided to give it a try. I really like it so far! It is non- greasy and a great moisturizer. It can also be used in the mornings if you prefer that!



Now, let’s talk about my morning routine:

  1. It is so simple! I start with a cleanser. I have been using a basic Cetaphil cleanser for years. It doesn’t have a lot of ingredients in it and it leaves my skin feeling so clean!


I like to add a tiny bit of moisturizer by Mary- Kay but after using lotions and everything at night, I don’t really feel that its necessary for me to use a lot in the mornings. I don’t like having a lot of products under my make- up. It also helps my Rodan & Fields products last longer by only using them at night!

2. Let’s talk about that 4th Rodan & Fields product from the Soothe line. It’s a sunscreen. I only apply this to my skin in the mornings if I know I am going to be in the sun that day. In the summer, I wear it just about every day. I apply it before putting my make- up on!

We can’t go through the steps of protecting our skin only to let the sun damage it! 


And that’s it for the mornings!

One of the main things that works for me, is staying consistent! 


That’s all for today! Have a great day!


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