Fab Friday

Hey Friends!!

Happy, Happy Friday and welcome to March’s edition of Fab Friday!

As always, I have 5 random things that I’m currently loving and find so FAB, to share with you all!

This month, I have items for the entire family! Some clothing pieces and some things that just make life more efficient! Lol

1. Reusable Straws– Starting with this! Who knew that an entire pack of reusable straws would make life more efficient! I love using a good tumbler cup. Sometimes straws get misplaced under a pile of dishes, they get ruined in the dishwasher, etc. I just needed an entire pack! These are perfect from Amazon! I also love that they came with a brush to clean them with! Psst… sometimes I even use these with coffee if I’m drinking coffee out of a tumbler cup in the mornings! I always use a straw so nothing stains my teeth! 😉

Reusable Straws

2. The Stanley– Speaking of tumbler cups… this one is my absolute favorite!! The Stanley really does live up to the hype! It keeps my water cold all day long, I love the handle, the cream color, and the texture of the cup! This is my go to cup!! I use it every single day!

3. Laptop Riser- After 2 years of working from home, I decided I needed this and let me say, it has been a game changer! It really has helped so much with my posture! I feel like I’m looking straight ahead instead of slightly down! I think I will invest in a cordless keyboard next!

4. Baby/ Toddler Rompers– Now let’s talk about some clothing pieces! Rompers like this are my go to for Brewer in the spring/ summer! I love one piece of clothing for babies/ toddlers! It just gives a way comfier vibe vs bottoms with elastic. I found this duo pack on Amazon and thought, how stinking cute!! He wore the lime romper out & about last week and we got SO many compliments!

Romper Duo Pack

5. Cream Woven Sandals- I’m a big sandal girlie this time of year! I choose sandals over sneakers all day, every day! I was so excited when I found that these are still on sale from last summer for $12. I’ve worn them so much already!! I love the classic cream color and woven pattern!



Okay! That wraps up this months edition of, Fab Friday and my last blog post for March! Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

*I’ll be back on the blog, Monday!*

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